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What Are The Core Bible Sources For Zion Pentecost Mission? 

See Text and And Video Links At Numbers 445 and 447: "Knowing Our Prophetic Roots And That There Is More To Come."  

Text links: numbers 1,3,9,16,34,38-42,44-46,50,56,64-65,94,98,100-101,188,199-200,213-214,222-229,231-232,234-236,240-265,281-283,397,424,445,447,460

Video Links also at Number 394: "Hatred Is A Bitter Root That Defiles" and 478: "Seedbed of The Antichrist (3): Hitler's Nazism"

1. Holy Ghost Baptism: Settle for Nothing Less (6.12.09) text:  espanol

2. Beware of Idols (6.19.09);

3. Where Can I Land- on Jesus (6.26.09) text:

4. What Must I Bring To Church (7.3.09);

5. Who Helps Us? (7.10.09);

6. Families Blessed With Charity Modesty and Care (7.17.09);

7. Wisdom Lessons (7.24.09);

8. I Will Make You Ministers (7.31.09);

9. Vision of Zion Pentecost Mission (8.7.09) Text: ;

10. Follow Jesus First, Ask Questions Later (8.14.09);

11. Beware Of Counterfeit Faith (8.21.09);

12. Faithers Are Guilt Free (8.28.09);

13. Little Less Than Angels (9.4.09);

14. Cry of Hannah-The Cry Of Faith (9.4.09);

15. What Does A Healthy Church Look Like? (9.17.09);

16. Deliverance Is Just a Part of Normal Faith (9.25.09) text: ;

17. Healthy Church, Part II (10.2.09);

18. Judgment Is God's Imposition of Holiness (10.9.09);

19. Salt that Loses Its Flavor (10.16.09);

20. Love the Jews and Learn About Jesus (10.23.09);

21. Christians Best Communicate Spirit to Spirit (10.30.09);

22. John Wesley's Spirit of Iniquity (11.6.09);

23. John Wesley's Spirit of Iniquity, Part II (11.12.09);

24. Our Faith Requires Avoiding Snares (11.19.09)

25. Love Songs- Love Pslams (11.27.09);

26. Spiritual Hunger by John G. Lake (12.4.09);

27. Strong Man's Gospel by John G. Lake (12.11.09);

28. Holy Ghost Baptism: Don't Settle For Less, Part 1 (12.18.09);

29. Holy Ghost Baptism, Part II (12.24.09);

30. Holy Ghost Baptism, Part III (12.31.09);

31. Good Faith Examples of Hopeful Women (1.8.10);

32. Dietrich Bonhoffer's Becoming An Individual (1.15.10);

33. Bonhoffer's Call of the Disciple (1.22.10);

34. Foolish Empires and Habakkuk All Over Again (1.29.10) Text:   ;

35. Learn the Precepts of The Word, Or The Traditions of Men (2.5.10);

36. Youth Preaching Hour: Cry for Souls (2.12.10);

37. The Only Way To Know God Is As He Actually Is (2.19.10)

38. Blessed Are The Peacemakers: Christians and War (2.25.10); text:

39. Wake Up U.S. Faithful: We Are No More Than A Clan of Faith (3.5.10) Text: ;

40. Even The Most Powerful Nations Must Trust In God (3.19.10) text:

41. Just Curious About A Holy Roller Church (3.26.10);

42. Oh No- Titles For Christians? (4.2.10) text:  ;

43. Tithing And God's Money (4.9.10);

44. False Cults (4.16.10) text:  ;

45. False Cults, Part II (4.23.10);

46. Are We There Yet? Faith Overcomes Weariness (4.30.10) text: ;

47. Discernment of Spirits Is Way Necessary (5.7.10);

48. Too Much Anger (5.13.10);

49. Too Much Anger, part II (5.19.10);

50. Faith: Not Too Easy Or Too Difficult (7.16.10) text:

51. Too Easy Faith- Eternal Security (7.23.10);

52. Intro: Fruits of the Protestant Reformation (7.30.10);

53. Fruits of the Protestant Reformation, Part II: "Early Stars" (8.6.10);

54. Fruits of the Protestant Reformation, Part III: "Luther Plows Forward" (8.13.10);

55. Fruits of the Protestant Reformation, Part IV: "Anabaptists Grow Up the Faith (8.20.10);

56. Reviving The Lord's Supper (8.27.10) text:  ;

57. Reviving the Lord's Supper, part II (9.2.10);

58. God and Foreign Aide (9.10.10);

59. God's Covenant With Man-Creation, and the Gulf Oil Spill (9.16.10);

60. Spurgeon's Psalm 63: Not Lonely With God (9.24.10);

61. Men and Maculinity Are Good Things in Church (10.1.10);

62. Men and Masculinity Are Good things In Church, part II (10.8.10);

63. Br. David Wilkerson's Strength In Perilous Times (10.15.10);

64. Faith Is Way More Than Belief (10.22.10) text:  ;

65. The Logic of Faith: God Writes a Law In Us (10.29.10) text:  ;

66. The Logic of Faith, Part II: What God Does For Us (11.5.10);

67. The Book Of Revelation (part 1): Intro to Apocalypticism (11.11.10);

68. The Book of Revelation (part 2): Ezekiel Sets the Present and Future Stage (11.14.10);

69. The Book of Revelation (part 3): Ezekiel Sets the Present and Future Stage (part II, 12.3.10);

70. The Book of Revelation (part 4): Ezekiel's New Temple Must Have New and Better Priests (12.4.10);

71. Revelation (part 5): Zechariah Also Prophesies Restoration (12.4.10);

72. Revelation (part 6): Maccabees Hammer But Fail, And Crisis Comes Anew (12.17.10);

73. Revelation (part 7): Daniel- In Crisis the Prophet Becomes The Shepherd;

74. Revelation (part 8): Daniel- In Crisis the Prophet Becomes The Shepherd (part II); 

75. Revelation (part 9): Jesus: the Apocalyptic Prophet of Faith;

76. Revelation (part 10) Chapter 1: Sword of The Spirit Protects Our Holy Salvation;

77. Revelation (part 11) Chapter 2: Jesus Says "I know You!"

78. Revelation (part 12) Chapter 3: Jesus says "I know You and What You are Up to!";

79. Revelation (part 13) Chapters 4-5: A Lamb (Standing!) On A Throne, Rules (2.11.11);

80. Revelation (part 14) Chapter 6: Endtime Visions On Horseback (3.11.11);

81. Revelation (part 15) Chapter 7: A Glimpse At The Endtime Saved; Chapter 8 Trumpets Call Unholy Earth To Repentance (3.11.11);

82. Revelation (part 16) Chapter 9: Evil Marches On; Chapter 10: Little Scroll Indigestion (4.8.11);

83. Revelation (part 17) Chapter 11; We Are The Two Witnesses Too (4.8.11);

84. Revelation (part 18) Chapter 12: Like Jesus We are Born From Above and Protected Below(5.2.11);

85. Revelation (part 19) Chapter 13: Two Beasts Rise From Below; Chapter 14.1-6: First Fruits of Israel Is the Salvation of The Nations, and the Two Beasts Are No Match For First Fruits (5.20.11);

86. Revelation (part 20) Chapter 14,6-20: Visions of Judgment on Idolatrous worship; Chapter 15: Plagues In Contrast To Coming Beauty and Holiness. (6.24.11);

87 Revelation (part 21) Chapter 16: God's Holiness Winnows Who Will Be Saved (6.24.11);

88. Revelation (part 22) Chapter 17.1-6: The Literal End and Seeing The Best Bride and the Great Harlot;

89. Revelation (part 23) Chapter 17,7-18: The Scarlet Beast Finally Implodes By Its Own Corruption;

90. Revelation (part 24) Chapter 18,1-24-19,1-5: The Gleeful Song Over Babylon;

91. Revelation (part 25) Chapter 19,6-21: Marriage Day of The Lamb Or Day of Disaster;

92. Revelation (part 26) Chapter 20: A Millenial Victory Lap!

93. Revelation (part 27) Chapters 21-22: We'll See God and A New Heaven, And Above All, A New Earth (9.11.11)

94. Correction Anyone? (9.11.11) text;  ;

95. Faith Is About Following (9.25.11);

96. Witnesses Keep Their Oil (9.25.11);

97. The Poor With Us (10.16.11);

98. Master the Obvious: We All Need A Savior (10.16.11) 

99. Faith Sometimes Leads to Loud Public Protest (11.6.11);

100. Dear New Believer: Your First Steps Are Important (11.6.11) text:

101. Dating and Marriage and Matchmaking God's Way (11.27.11) text: ;

102. Prophetic Primer on Israel With Br. Elmer Josephson (11.27.11)

103. What's The Good Shepherd Doing Today (12.18.11);

104. Intro To Hebrew Scriptures (1): Forming A People To Represent His Light (12.18.11);

105. Hebrew Scriptures (2): Gen. 1,26: Humans Made In His Spiritual Image (1.10.12);

106. Hebrew Scriptures (3): Two Failed Creation Covenants, Then Abrahamic Covenant (1.10.12);

107. Hebrew Scriptures (4): Abraham Learns To Trust God (2.1.12);

108. Hebrew Scriptures (5):  Personal Covenant With Jacob (2.1.12);

109. Hebrew Scriptures (6): From the Contender Jacob To the Holy Witness Joseph (2.23.12);

110. Hebrew Scriptures (7): First Holy Savior Joseph Saves Holy Nation Israel (2.23.12); 

111. Hebrew Scriptures (8): Moses' Burden For God's People (3.14.12);

112. Hebrew Scriptures (9): Moses Lifts His Staff and Leads The People Out of Egypt (3.14.12);

113. Hebrew Scriptures (10): Joshua: Time For A Most Obedient Leader (4.1.12);

114. Hebrew Scriptures (11): Joshua: The New Generation Crosses The Jordan (4.1.12);

115. Hebrew Scriptures (12): Discursus: The Immortal and Human Need To Sacrifice (4.21.12);

116. Hebrew Scriptures (13): Judges: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly (4.21.12);

117. Hebrew Scriptures (14): Judges: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly Part II (5.11.12);

118. Hebrew Scriptures (15): The Unifier Samuel: The Circuit Judge, Prophet, Priest, and Kingmaker (Part I, 5.11.12);

119. Hebrew Scriptures (16): The Unifier Samuel: The Circuit Judge, Prophet, Priest, and Kingmaker (Part II,  6.1.12);

120. Hebrew Scriptures (17): First King Saul Not The Best King- was he bipolar? (6.1.12);

121. Hebrew Scriptures (18): King David: Master Pol, Ruthless Soldier, And Man After God's Heart (Part 1, 6.22.12);

122. Hebrew Scriptures (19): King David: Great Man of God Because He Repented (Part 2, 6.22.12, extended play to 80 mins);

123. Deny Your Very Selves: (7.16.12, questionable audio quality);

124. Hebrew Scriptures (20): Solomon Continues Davidic Dynasty (7.27.12);

125. Hebrew Scriptures (21): Solomon's Wisdom and Rule (7.27.12); 

126. Hebrew Scriptures (22): Elijah: Israel and Judah Separate and Prophecy Confronts Kingship (8.17.12);

127. Hebrew Scriptures (23): Prophet Amos: Confronts the Rich (8.17.12);

128. Hebrew Scriptures (24): Isaiah: The Prophet of Israel's Whole Salvation Story (9.9.12);

129. Hebrew Scriptures (25): Isaiah 61-66: The Golden Scriptures of Universal Salvation (9.9.12);

130. Hebrew Scriptures (26): Ezra and Nehemiah Pick Up the Pieces Post Exile (10.5.12);

131. Hebrew Scriptures (27): The Maccabees Meet Crisis, But Not Zadokite Priests or Davidic Kings (10.5.12); 

132. Hebrew Scriptures (28): Seven Conclusions For Conviction (11.2.12);

133. Acts (1):  The Story Worth Telling: Themes, Speeches, Resurrection, Progress Reports (11.2.12);

134. Acts (2): Purpose of Study- Does Anything In Our Faith Mirror Power and Witness of Acts? Key Scripture: Acts 3,22 fulfills Deuteronomy 18,15; Jesus is Promised Prophet and Challenge To Israel and All the World.  More on 8 Themes, 24 Speeches; Post Resurrection Church, 6 Progress Reports (12.2.12);

135. Acts (3): Chapter1,1-2,28: Jesus Ascends and Sends the Spirit Upon Church in Jerusalem, for Gospel Witness and Boldness (12.2.12);

136. Acts (4): Chapter 2,28-3,26: The Apostle Peter Comes Up Big And Prophetic (12.21.12);

137. Acts (5) Chapter 4-5,11: The Faith And The Name Turns Jerusalem Upside Down (12.21.12);

138. Acts (6) Chapter 5,12-6,15: Jerusalem Can Be Won For Faith, But Then Stephen Arrested (1.17.13);

139. Acts (7) Chapter 7-8,8: All Church Fights Are About Changing Worship: Opposition To Stephen Leads to  Death and Expanded Mission (1.17.13);

140. Acts (8) Chapter 8,9-9,43: The Fruits of Phillip and Persecution By Paul (2.5.13);

141. Acts (9) Chapter 10-11,30: Roman Cornelius in Caesarea Changes Jerusalem Apostles (2.5.13);

142. Acts (10) Chapter 11,19-13,52: Big Greek Antioch (Syria)- First "Christian" Base, Then Paul's Apostolic Mission Can Begin (3.1.13);

143. Acts (11) Chapter 14-15,21: Paul's First Missionary Roller Coaster Continues, Big Meet at Jerusalem Home Base (3.1.13);

144. Acts (12) Chapter 15,22-16,18: Painstaking and Historic Jerusalem Conference Deal Put In Writing: Opens Way For Paul's Second Missionary Journey to European Beach Head in Phillipi (3.19.13);

145. Acts (13) Chapter 16,19-18,11: Apsotle Paul Stands His Ground, Lightning Rod for Both Friends And Enemies, The Looming Portent of Ephesus (3.20.13);

146. Acts (14) Chapter 18,12-19,41: Paul The Apostle Catalyst and Human Mortar Takes on Ephesus (4.10.13);

147. Acts (15) Chapter 20-23,12: Paul's Last Missionary Stand, Then Curious Insistance on Jerusalem One More Time (4.10.13);

148. Acts (16) Chapter 23,13-26,32: Fanatical Plot Against Paul In Jerusalem Leads to His Testimony in Rome (5.1.13);

149. Acts (17) Chapter 27,1-28,31: Rough Seas And Shipwreck Give Way To Freedom of Gospel in Rome (5.1.13);

150. Acts (18) Seven Conclusions To Acts: The Gospel Will Prevail (5.19.13);

151. Lord's Supper Plunge: Do we stop talking about children's nutrition just because folks don't agree about it? (5.19.13);

152. Hebrews (1) If We Know Jesus, We (nostalgic priests Acts 6,7) Will Persevere (6.16.13);

153. Hebrews (2) If We Know Jesus, We Will Persevere- Eleven Definitions To Know Him (6.16.13);

154. Hebrews (3) Chapter 1,1-2,18: Jesus, Our Final Revelation, Is All That and Better Too (7.13.13);

155. Hebrews (4) Chapter 3,1-5,14: Jesus, Our True Rest and Home (7.13.13);

156. Hebrews (5) Chapter 5,11-7,28: Grow Up Already- See The Better Priesthood (8.9.13);

157. Hebrews (6) Chapter 8,1-10,18: New And Improved Covenant, Sanctuary and Sacrifice (8.9.13);

158. Hebrews (7) Chapter 10-11: The One Sacrifice That Worked And Don't Let Down The Great Cloud of Witnesses (8.31.13);

159. Hebrews (8) Chapter 12-13: Eyes Fixed Upward On Jesus and Final Administrative Matters (8.31.13).

160. Syria: The Lord Says No to Empire (9.22.13);

161. Hebrews (9) Five Conclusions to Hebrews: Insider Group: Get Back On Track! (9.22.13);

162. 1Peter Intro (1) Small Book Big New Theology (10.13.13);

163. 1Peter (2) 1,3-12: Preamble To Christian Constitution (10.13.13);

164. 1Peter (3) 1,13-2,10: One New Gospel People Dedicated To God (11.3.13);

165. 1Peter (4) 2,11-3,7: The Code: Good Example Wins Souls (Especially You Faithful Roman Wives) (11.3.13);

166. 1Peter (5) 3,8-3,22: Mutual Fellowship, Submission, Suffering, Hope According To Example Of Christ (11.23.13);

167. 1Peter (6) 4,1-19: Be Mentally Ready For Full On Suffering And Persecution Which Prepares For Judgment (11.23.13) WARNING: THESE SCRIPTURES COULD BE USED BY FALSE SHEPHERDS OR BECOME MASOCHISTIC.  

168. 1Peter (7) 5,1-14 Church in Rome? Seeks Order Elsewhere After Initial Fervor (12.18.13);

169. 2Peter (1) 1,1-1,21: Exhortation-Guidance Regarding "False Prophets" And Unfufilled Prophecy of Jesus' Speedy Return (12.18.13);

170. 2Peter (2) 2,1-22: Lust, Greed, False Doctrine, Used To Conquer God's People (1.9.14);

171. 2Peter (3) 3,1-18: The Big Wait For 2nd Coming Challenges  All To Patient Love (1.9.14);

172. 1-2Peter: Conclusions: New Life, New Constitution, New Leadership Style (1.31.14);

173. Ephesians Intro (1): Apostle Paul Builds The Church's Faith In Christ, Lord of the Cosmos (1.31.14);

174. Ephesians Intro (2): Disorder and Disunity Below, But Enthroned With Him Above (2.21.14);

175. Ephesians (3) 1,1-23: Inheritors of Every Spiritual Blessing Below Including Power From Above (2.21.14); 

176. Ephesians (4) 2,1-22: All Humanity Was A Mess, But Now One New Humanity (3.16.14);

177. Ephesians (5) 3,1-13: Announce Gospel And Take Heavenlies (3.16.14);

178. Ephesians (6) 3,14-4,32: Struggle Of Loving Faith Takes Heavenlies and Fills-Builds The Church (4.11.14);

179. Ephesians (7) 5,1-20: Fully Awake Exposing Darkness in Church (4.11.14);

180. Ephesians (8) 5,21-6,9: Mutual Submission  In Church, Family, Marriage (5.7.14);

181. Ephesians (9) 6,10-24: Nothing Of Mine But The Whole Armor of God (5.7.14);

182. Ephesians (10) Five Conclusions: Paul's Gospel Bridges Early And Next Gen Faith (5.28.14);

183. 1Timothy (1) Can The Next Gen Apostle Keep Church From Failing? (5.28.14);   

184. Revelation 2,6 and 15: 25 Historic Ways To Control God's People (1, "Gentile" Treatment Began in Ephesus) (6.18.14);

185. Revelation 2,6 and15: 25 Historic Ways To Control God's People (2, No Domination in Five Service Offices of Ephesians4,11 and deeds 1-3) (6.18.14);

186. Revelation 2,6 and 15: 25 Historic Ways To Control God's People (3) (7.13.14);      

187. Revelation 2,6 and 15: 25 Historic Ways To Control God's People (4) (7.13.14);

188.  Strange Fire: MacArthur's Last Stand Against Charismania (7.29.14) text:

189. 1Timothy1: Next Generation Apostle Commanded To Supress False Teaching (7.29.14);

190. 1Timothy2: Calm The Worship Waters and Gender Politics Of Ephesian Church (8.24.14);

191. 1Timothy3: Anyone Qualified And Want To Be Lead Pastor In Ephesus? (8.24.14);

192. 1Timothy4,13: The Crisis Remedy Of Publicly Proclaiming Word To All God's People (9.17.14);

193. 1Timothy5: Church Happy To Employ Widows, Not Too Many Or Merry (9.17.14);

194. 2Timothy1: Paul's Last Apostolic Word To Prevent Failure of Church in Ephesus (10.10.14);

195. 2Timothy2: No Apostle Gets Distracted From Fully Planting Gospel:: (10.10.14);

196. 2Timothy3: Be The Apostle In A Bad Time And Place (11.5.14);

197. 2Timothy4: Just Preach It And BTW Come To Rome For Your Correction (11.5.14);

198. Suicide Prevention: People Not "Problems" (12.2.14);

199. Amos 8,11: The Privilege Or Famine of The Prophetic Word (12.2.14) text:

200. The Fiery Vision That Birthed Zion Pentecost Mission (12.27.14) text:  ;

201. Lord's Supper Biblical Feast: Our Blessing And His Blessing Bring His Prophesied Risen Body And Blood (12.27.14);

202. Excerpts From Frank Frangipane's "Divine Antidote:" The Seldom Heard Wisdom Of Spiritual Warfare (1.9.15);

203. Lord's Supper Biblical Feast (2): Spirit And "Blood" Flowing From Eternal Lamb (1.9.15);

204. Habakkuk (1, Intro): Faith Frees Us From Babylon's Dragnet: The Who, What And Timeless Where of "Babylon."  (2.1.15);

205. Habakkuk (2) 1,1-17: Habakkuk's Babylonian Dragnet Is Revelation's Mark Of Beast (2.1.15);

206. 1John2,18-27: The False Teachers Don't, But Do You Love Him Enough To Stay? (2.20.15);

207. Habakkuk (3) 2,1-9: But The Watchman Sees His Messiah, The kingdom, and Just Judgment. (2.20.15);

208. Habakkuk (4) 2,10-20: Babylon Bullies, Bloodies, Debauches and Idolizes But God Is In His Temple (3.13.15);

209. Habakkuk (5) 3,1-19: Prayer And Praise To One Lord For Miracles, Judgment, And Guidance Unto The End (3.13.15);

210. Who's Afraid Of A Little Sound Doctrine- Adult Water Baptism For Everyone (1) (4.10.15);

211. Who's Afraid Of A Little Sound Doctrine-Adult Water Baptism For Everyone (2) (4.10.15);

212. John G. Lake And The Consciousness Of Jesus:: (4.29.15);

213. Colossians2,23: Mandatory Celibacy Of No Use Combating Sensuality (4.29.15) text:

214. 1Peter3,7: Biblical Marriage- More Egalitarian Than We Thought (5.8.15) text: ;

215. Faith Bound Not Sabbath Bound (5.8.15);

216. Mammon, Iniquity and Conquering Or Submission To Jesus (6.5.15);

217. Intro Ruth: Espoused To Zion's Future Bridegroom (6.5.15);

218. Ruth (2) Chapter 2: The Harvest Is So Rich Even the Barren Become Fruitful (6.26.15);

219. Ruth (3) Chapter 3: Boaz Wakes Up At Harvest Time And Finds Ruth (6.26.15);

220. Ruth (4) Chapter 4: Boaz Publicly Declares Marriage At City Gate (7.17.15);

221. 1Coirnthians 6,19: We Are Not Our Own- We Belong To Jesus Alone (7.17.15);

222. Our One Baptism Essential To Eternal Covenant With Jesus Part 1 (8.7.15) text: ;

223. Our One Baptism Essential To Eternal Covenant With Jesus Part 2 (8.7.15) 

224. Ten Initial Biblical Pillars Of The Christian Movement (8.28.15) text: ;

225. The Three Levels Of 'The Pride Of Life." (8.28.15) text: ;

226. Endtime Faith Lifts Nine Veils, Part 1 (9.21.15) text: ;

227. Endtime Faith Lifts Nine veils, Part 2 (9.21.15);

229. Seven Godly Things I learned Biking (10.14.15) text:

230. I Don't Want To- But I Surrender (11.5.15);

231. Faith Is Always Now- So Get A Move On (11.5.15) text: ;

232. Three Remedies To Cruelty- Rising Above The Flesh (11.24.15) text: ;

233.  We Pour Ourselves Out In Gospel Service (11.24.15);

234.  Destination Earth: Eternally Going Home To Zion (Part 1, 12.16.15) text: ;

235.  Destination Earth: Eternally Going Home To Zion (Part 2, 12.16.15);

236.  Accept The Word Unto Living The New Interior Law (Part 1, 1.6.16) text: ;

237. Accept The Word Unto Living The New Interior Law (Part 2,1.6.16);

238. Jesus' Blood Is Our Fresh Start Over Family Curses (Part 1, 1.27.16);

239. Jesus' Blood Is Our Fresh Start Over Family Curses (Part 2, 1.27.16);

240. The Lord's Voice Above All Others (Part 1, 2.17.16) text: ;

241. The Lord's Voice Above All Others (Part 2, 2.17.16);

242. A True Christian Faith Overcomes The World (Part 1, 3.9.16) text:   ;

243. A True Christian Faith Overcomes The World (Part 2,3.9.16);

244. Mandatory Celibacy, Pastorianity, And Closed Religious Circles (Part 1, 4.1.16) text:

245. Mandatory Celibacy, Pastorianity, And Closed Religious Circles (Part 2, 4.1.16);

246. Capital For Some, Or All? (Part 1, 5.6.16) text: ;

247. Capital For Some, Or All? (Part 2, 5.6.16);

248. Capital For Some, Or All? (Part 3, 5.6.16);

249. Capital For Some, Or All? (Part 4, 5.26.16);

250. Individual Faith And Morailty, Or Group Think PC? (Part 1, 5.26.16) text: ;

251. Individual Faith And Morality, Or Group Think PC? (Part 2, 6.22.16);

252. The Lord Has Exclusive Jurisdiction Over All Temples (Part1, 6.22.16) text: ;

253. The Lord Has Exclusive Jurisdiction Over All Temples (Part2, 6.22.16);

254. The Lord Has Exclusive Jurisdiction Over All Temples (Part3, 7.13.16);

255. Ten Ways Of Wisdom After 'I Didn't Know Any Better' (Part1, 7.13.16) text: ;

256. Ten Ways Of Wisdom After 'I Didn't Know Any Better' (Part2, 7.13.16);

257. Shame, Faith, Honor, No Offense, Sanctity (Part1, 8.3.16) text: ;

258. Shame, Faith, Honor, No Offense, Sanctity (Part2, 8.3.16);

259. Shame, Faith, Honor, No Offense, Sanctity (Part3, 8.3.16);

260. Building Up Ourselves Or Jesus' People? (Part1, 8.24.16);

261. Building Up Ourselves Or Jesus' People? (Part2, 8.24.16) text: ;

262. Building Up Ourselves Or Jesus' People? (Part3, 8.24.16);

263. Go To The Other Side Of The Veil (Part1, 9.19.16); text:

264. Go To The Other Side Of Veil (Part2, 9.19.16);

265. Go To The Other Side Of Veil (Part3, 9.19.16);

266. Overcomers Or Cowards, Sorcerors, Liars (Part1, Hell, 10.12.16);

267. Overcomers Or Cowards, Sorcerors, Liars (Part2, Cowards, 10.12.16);

268. Overcomers Or Cowards, Sorcerors, Liars (Part3, Sorcerors, 10.12.16);

269. Overcomers Or Cowards, Sorcerors, Liars (Part4, Liars, 11.2.16);

270. Live His Precepts To The Overflow (Part1, 11.2.16);

271. Live His Precepts To The Overflow (Part2, 11.2.16);

272. Praise The Lord- He Repeats Himself (Part1, 11.23.16);

273. Praise The Lord- He Repeats Himself (Part2, 11.23.16);

274. Praise The Lord- He Repeats Himself (Part3, 11.23.16);

275. Gospel-Salvation Basics, To The Hardest Cases First (Part1, 12.13.16);

276. Gospel-Salvation Basics, To The Hardest Cases First (Part2, 12.13.16);

277. Gospel-Salvation Basics, To The Hardest Cases First (Part3, 12.13.16);

278. Joseph Badger,1792-1852: Thank God For An Independant, Yankee, Non-Conformist Preacher (Part1, 1.4.17);

279. Joseph Badger, 1792-1852: Thank God For An Independant, Yankee, Non Conformist Preacher (opposition fuels and fine tunes ability to speak over it, Part2, 1.4.17);

280. Joseph Badger,1792-1852: Thank God For An Independant, Yankee, Non Conformist Preacher (nothing makes JB lose focus, Part 3, 1.4.17);

281. The Nicolaitans Have Tried To Control God's People Since Ephesus and Revelation2,6 (Part1, 1.24.17) text:

282. The Nicolaitans Have Tried To Control God's People Since  Ephesus and Revelation2,6 (Part2,1.24.17);

283. The Nicolaitans Have Tried To Control God's People Since Ephesus And Revelation2,6 (Part3, 1.24.17);

284. Visions Come True With Vulnerability, Faith And Perseverance (Part1, 2.14.17);

285. Visions Come True With Vulnerability, Faith And Perseverance (Part2, 2.14.17);

286. Visions Come True With Vulnerability, Faith And Perseverance (Part3, 2.14.17);

287. True Faith Or Form and Fashion Religion (Part1, 3.8.17);

288. True Faith Or Form And Fashion Religion (Part2, 3.8.17);

289. True Faith Or Form And Fashion Religion (Part3, 3.8.17);

290. Temporary Church And Tabernacle Unto Eternal Temple And Kingdom (Part1, 3.27.17);

291. Temporary Church And Tabernacle Unto Eternal Temple And Kingdom (Part2, 3.27.17);

292. Temporary Church And Tabernacle Unto Eternal Temple And Kingdom (Part3, 3.27.17);

293. 13 Biblical Realities Of Our Endtime Faith (Part1, 4.21.17): 1. The Turn Ag. Israel; 2. Antichrists: False Prophet, Political Antichrist, Image Of The Beast; 3. Revived European Empire. 

294. 13 Biblical Realties Of Our Endtime Faith (Part2, 4.21.17): 4. God Of Fortresses; 5. Tribulation; 6. False Mid-East Peace; 7. Mark Of Beast; 8. Two Great Prophet-Gospel-Witnesses.

295. 13 Bibilical Realities Of Our Endtime Faith (Part3, 4.21.17): 9. New World Order; 10. Rapture And Armageddon; 11. Judgment; 12. Millenial Reign; 13. Marriage of Lamb And Marriage Supper of Lamb- stay tuned!

296. Universal Davidic Kingly People: 1. Eternal Covenant Love Of God; 2. Eternal Home Of Praise in Judah and 3. Eternal Rewards Like Marriage Supper; Crowns And New Songs Of Deliverance. (Part 1, Eternal Covenant Love 5.11.17) ; 

297. Universal Davidic Kingly People... (Part 2 Eternal Home Of Praise in Judah, 5.11.17);

298. Universal Davidic Kingly People... (Part 3, Eternal Rewards, 5.11.17);

299. Paul To The Galatians: 'Let No Man Trouble Me,' And The Eternal Gospel I Bring (you received all this revelation by grace, Part1, c1-2, 6.7.17);

300. Paul To The Galatians: 'Let No Man Trouble Me,' And The Eternal Gospel I Bring (you were freed how could you fall back into the hold of evil powers and principalities, Part2, c3-4, 6.7.17);

301. Paul To The Galatians: 'Let No Man Trouble Me,' And The Gospel I Bring (keep focused on salvation race, Part3, c5-6, 6.7.17);

Romans: The Grand Salvation Bargain, Hard Deal For Jews, Easy For Gentiles, Faith Saves All

302. Romans1 (c1):The Obedience of Faith And Beware Of Big City, 6.28.17);

303. Romans2 (c2-3): The Grand Salvation Bargain, Hard Deal For Jews, Easy For Gentiles, Faith Saves All (Condemnation of All: Moralists, Lawbreakers, Law Makes Us Conscious of Sin, But Righteoueness Freely From God By His Grace, 6.28,17);

304. Romans3 (c4-5):Faith Righteousness Like Abraham, Benefits, Imputed Sin of Adam Gives Way To Graceful Gift Of Salvation In Jesus, 6.28.17):

305. Romans4 (c6): New Faith Theology: Dead To Sin Alive To God In Christ Jesus- So Get With The New Program (7.19.17);

306. Romans5 (c7): Even With Faith And Spirit The Struggle Against Sin Is Fierce But Worth It (7.19.17);

307. Romans6 (c8): Thanks To Jesus' Sacrifice- No Condemnation And Real New Freedom In New Law Of The Spirit Of Life (7.19.17);

308. Romans7 (c9): God's Sovereign Choice Of The Israel Of Promise- Not A Failure Of The Word, Not Injustice To Anyone, He Has Mercy On Whom He Has Mercy (8.9.17);

309. Romans8 (c10): Jew And Gentile: Obey The New Easier Way Of Righteousness That Comes By Faith For Everyone Who Believes (8.9.17);

310: Romans 9 (c11): The Israel Of Faith Will All Be Saved, Kind Invite To Gentiles, Stern Second Invite To Still Chosen Israel (8.9.17);

311. Romans10 (c12): New Faith Discipline In Familiar But New Wineskins: Offer Bodies As Living Sacrifice. c 13 Platfrom Speech- Obey All Authority So "Christians" Can Stay In Center Of Greco Roman Empire (8.31.17);

312. Romans11(c14-15): Accept "Weak" and "Strong" Faithers In Church Regarding Disputable Matters of Food And Drink So Gentiles And Jews In Harmony (8.31.17);

313. Romans12 (c16):  Paul Smoozes The Leaders Of The Church In Rome, First Christian Power Couple Prisca And Aquila, 10 Earthshaking Conclusions From Romans For Christian Posterity (8.31.17);

314. Use And Misuse Of God's Word-Find The Lost Sheep (10.13.17);

315. Dipping A Toe Into Bible Mysteries (10.13.17);

316. Start And Finish With A First Things First Faith (10.13.17);

317. Seven Relationship Lessons- Sharing Is Caring (12.1.17);

318. Nothing Satisfies The Soul Like Understanding (12.1.17);

319. Anti Semitism Is Anti Word And Anti Israel And No Bueno (12.1.17);

320. Philosemitism Inspires And Changes Hearts For the Better- The Example Of German Gustav Von Struve (12.19.17);

321. Compassion, Hope And Fellowship With All Answer Ruby Sales' Question 'Where Does It Hurt?' (12.19.17);

322. Perennial Scripture Challenge: Follow The Word Only- The Jewish Karaites And Biblicist Christians (12.19.17);

323. Come To Jesus And Learn Without Cost- Buy The Kingdom And Save Your Soul (1.9.18);

324. The Trial Of Faith Is The Battle For Our Eternal Soul (1.9.18);

325. Taking God Seriously, Seriously (1.9.18);

326. God's Persistence For Purity In His Presence- Engage Our Conscience (Part 1, 2.1.18);

327. God's Persistence For Purity In His Presence- Clean Of Eye, Mind, Tongue, Ears And Demons (Part 2, 2.1.18);

328. The Pilgrim Way Of Receiving God's Unstoppable Grace (2.1.18);

329. Angels, Satan, Demons- We Ought To Know By Now (Part 1 Good Angels bring good messages, 2.24.18);

330. Angels, Satan, Demons- We Ought To Know By Now (Part 2 Satan Our soul's first enemy, 2.24.18);

331. Angels, Satan, Demons- We Ought To Know By Now (Part 3 Demons Appreciate A Friendly Host, 2.24.18);

332. Thou Shall Not Judge Outside The Church And Sparingly And Carefully Within (Part 1: The Church Avoids Worldly Judgements, 3.18.2018);

333. Thou Shall Not Judge Outside The Church And Sparingly And Carefully Within (Part 2: Some Public-Church Problems Must Be Addressed, 3.17.2018);

334. Jesus As Messiah: If Inspired Biblical Expectations From Whole Word, Then Biblical Blessings From Whole Word, 3.18.2018);

335. Working At Dreams Or Receiving God's Revealed Word By Supernatural Grace (4.9.2018); 

336. Anti-Semitism In Early Church: An Injurious Stumbling Stone Still Too Heavy To Lift, Zechariah12,3 (Part 1: Christian self- definition morphs into Replacement Theology. Christianity drifts from bible priesthood of all and people of the book. Anti Semitism of Church "fathers." 4.9.2018);

337. Anti-Semitism In Early Church: An Injurious Stumbling Stone Still Too Heavy To Lift, Zechariah12,3 (Part 2: Acts27 as a parable of bible's constant concern for salvation of Jews and Israel. "Synagogue of Satan " is about gentiles not Jews! And Bishop Eusebius' PC church history for the sake of Emperor Constantine.4.9.2018);

338. Anti-Semitism In Early Church: An Injurious Stumbling Stone Still Too Heavy To Lift, Zechariah12,3 (Part 3: Anti Judaic "Preterism" of Eusebius ignores literal kingdom expectations of Apostles and says endtime prophecies against Israel already fulfilled, so no literal 1000 year KOG from Zion; Marcion edits Jewishness from bible; "Gospel of Peter" portrays Jews as extra culpable for Jesus' crucifiction, 5.1.2018);

339. Anti-Semitism In Early Church: An Injurious Stumbling Stone Still Too Heavy To Lift, Zechariah12,3 (Part 4: Epistle of Barnabas says Jews have had no covenant with God since Moses smashed the tablets! etc, etc; Creeds and Greek (ie gentile) philosophy replace people of the book and "whole gospel" for a people with arcane creeds, dogmas, and oaths to men; Christendom more like a mystery religion than the revealed salvation faith from the Jews. 5.1.2018); 

340. Ruth Again! Across The Threshold Of Judah To Belong To A Greater, Bigger And Universal People (5.1.2018);

341. Anti-Semitism In Early Church: An Injurious Stumbling Stone Still Too Heavy To Lift, Zechariah12,3 (Part5: Greco Roman mysteries become part of non-bible based Christianity.  5.22.2018);

342. Joseph, Jesus, MLK: You Can't Kill A Prophet's Dream (Part1 5.22.2018);

343. Joseph, Jesus, MLK: You Can't Kill A Prophet's Dream (Part2, 5.22.2018);

344. The Power of Choosing Jesus, Not A Brand, Not Even Brand "You." 

345. Anti-Semitism In Early Church: And Injurious Stumbling Stone Still Too Heavy Too Lift, Zechariah12,3 (Part6: Pentecostalism and Messianic Judaism antidotes to Anti-Semitism in church; Zechariah Babylonian woman in a basket, Zechariah 5,5; Habakkuk 2,10-20: Babylon, bullies, bloodies and debauches God's people; Mysterious Christendom Woman of Revelation17 does not represent bride-church but gospel Mother Zion kingdom bound church of Revelation12 and Galatians4,26 does;

346. Psalm118: Trust The Lord God Of Israel: Only Builder-Raiser Upper Of Israel, Jesus, And His Temple-Gospel People;

347. The Gospel Has Only Two Debts (1. Love With Jesus' Love And 2. Show-Tell-Live Jesus' Gospel) And Three Parts (1. Salvation-Equipping 2. The Two Debts- Service 3. Ready For Second Coming-Kingdom)

348. The Gospel Has Only Two Debts And Three Parts. Part 3: Ready For The Second Coming-Kingdom.

349. One New Person In Jesus, Revival In Africa, Rastafari Protestants, Separtism Or Reconciliation (Part1);

350. One New Person In Jesus, Revival In Africa, Rastafari Protestants, Separtism Or Reconciliation (Part2);

351. One New Person In Jesus, Revival In Africa, Rastafari Protestants, Separtism Or Reconciliation (Part3);

352. One New Person In Jesus, Revival In Africa, Rastafari Protestants, Separtism Or Reconciliation (Part4);

353. Inquisitor Weeds Root Up Fine Wheat And Destroy Good Seed (Part1)

354. Inquisitor Weeds Root Up Fine Wheat And Destroy Good Seed (Part2 Inquisition Against Roger Williams);

355. Inquisitor Weeds Root Up Fine Wheat And Destroy Good Seed (Part3 Inquisition Against Anne Hutchinson);

356. Inquisitor Weeds Root Up Fine Wheat And Destroy Good Seed (Part4 Inquisition Against Family Of Ethan Allen);

357 Faithful But Not Thankful- Something Is Wrong;

358. Christianity: Welcome To The China Matrix;

359. Present Day Snapshot Of Christian Persecution Around The World;

360. The Life Changing Power of Choosing Jesus (Part2): He Will Never Let The Faithful Go;

361. Demagogues Have Moments In History And The Final Antichrist Will Have His Too;

362. The Stumbling Stone Of Greed; Can You Be Convinced To Make A Decision About Jesus?

364. Messianic Faither Sid Roth Has Supernatural Insights Like Preaching The Gospel To God's First People;

365. Revelation 11,18: God Will 'Destroy Those Who Destroy The Earth' ie Who Don't Recognize His High Calling;

366. Babylon In and Out Of The Church: Just Stop Preaching Repentant Faith In Jesus, Judgement, Prophecy And Second Coming;

367. Bible Psalms Are An Ever Present Confidence In Need And Prophecy Too;

368. Psalm118: Jesus- Temple-Home, Rest And Universal Font Of Salvation;

369. Sanctify Our Hearts In An Often Tawdry World;

370. Finishing The Faith Race No Matter What;

371. Welcome To The China Matrix 2: China Aims To Wear Out Saints (Dn7,25) And Muslims With One Party Worship; 

372. Without A Bible-Sized Covenant Modern Church Doesn't Ask Or Teach Much;

373. Strong And Faithful Individuals Build Strong Churches;

374. It's Your Marriage Don't Waste It;

375. Babylon In And Out Of The Church: Just Stop Preaching Repentant Faith In Jesus, Judgement, Prophecy And Second Coming;

376. Strong And Faithful Individuals Build Strong Churches;

377. If Your Eye Is Single Your Whole Life Full Of Light;

378. Ministry: See It And Do It For Yourself;

379. A Faithful Life Unto God Not A Credible Life Before Men;

380. Jesus and Our Saving Gosple Faith Must Transcend Culture;

381. Jesus Was The Last Victim- We're Just Witnesses To Him And His Gospel;

382. The Lord Always Seeks To Mold Sons And Daughters;

383. Mutual Hospitality With God Unto Consecration Again And Again;

384. Faithful Children Receive New And Best Consciousness Crying Out Abba, Father;

385. The Lord Jesus Is The Shine And Joy On Our Face;

386. The Kingdom Habit Of Asking God Early And Often;

387. Moving From Stuck To Emotional Healing From The Bottom Of The Heart;

388. Better Relationships Amidst The Apparent Gender Apocalypse;

389. The Faithful Always Have And Pass "Philistine" Test Part 1 (Covenant Or Uncircumcized: Samson-Delilah And King David-King Goliath, King Jesus or King Antichrist);

390 The Faithful Always Have And Pass "Philistine" Test Part 2: (City State Feeds, Warlike, Destroys, Superior Weaponry Tactics, Slavery,Non Bible Priesthood, Christians Thrown To Lions);

391. The Faithful Always Have And Pass "Philistine" Test Part 3: (Christendom Becomes "Philistine" as Church-State Become One; Political Rome Falls But Rises Again And Again In Political-Religious Bits And Pieces Unto The End, Daniel 7 and 2);

392. The Faithful Always Have And Pass "Philistine" Test Part 4. Philistine Christendom Bits And Pieces: Carlo Levi- Has The Bible Jesus Reached Us, Or Is City State Christendom Just Feeding On Us?; 

393. As Mere Creatures We Firstly Give God Honor, Praise And Worship, Then We Watch;

394. Hatred Is A Bitter Root That Defiles text: 

395. The Ongoing Faith Choice Of  God's Way, God's Life And God's Truth;

396. Beware! Our Bible Faith Has Only One Gate And Gatekeeper;      

397. Nations Not Supranationalism Until Jesus' Kingdom Come (1); text: 

398: Nations Not Supranationalism Until Jesus' Kingdom Come (2). Imagine the Israel Of Faith And Zion Worship, Not Man Made Supranational Kingdom;

399. Historicism And Prophecy (1): Whole Church History In Revelation; Messengers For Such A Time As This; To  Church Ages;

400. Genesis (1): Intro To 'Book Of Firsts':
First Creation Of Only World,
First Adam-Human,
First Garden, First Fellowship, First Eve- Human Mate,
First Enemy, First Sins And Sinners,
First Of Explicit Covenant With Noah And Creation,
First Nations, First Man-made Kingdom Apart From God, First Of Many Judgements-Punishments;
First Family With Abraham's Faith, First Patriarchs Begin Too Form A Distinct People, First Seed Of Faith-Word Nation And Church.

Genesis Chapter 1: God Speaks Heaven And Earth And Humankind Into Existance. His Word Creates, Powerful Life Giving And Is To Be Obeyed. Day 1,1-2

1,3-5 First Day Of Creation- Light Is Good!

401. Genesis (2) 1,4-31 Six Days Of Creation.

On most important 6th day God creates humans and shares His Spiritual creative image and husbandry with us;

402. Historicism And Prophecy (2) God's Word And Bible Scheme From God's Historical Point Of View: Dispensationalism;

403. Historcism And Prophecy (3) Isreal And Church History Seen Throughout Bible Especially In Crisis Esther; Daniel And Revelation;

404. Genesis (3) 2,1-25 God Rests Then Puts Adam- And Alas Eve- In Garden To Care For It And Each Other;

405. Historicism And Prophecy (4) The Millenial Kingdom Reign From Zion- Apex Of Historicism And Prophecy Come True On Earth;

406. Historicism And Prophecy (5) Revelation 2-3: Seven Churches In 1st century Turkey, Seven Church Ages, "Seven" Messengers  And Messages;

407. Genesis (4) 3,1-4,1 Adam And Eve Want More, Satan's Jewel Crown, Lose Garden, Probation, With Hints Of Hope;

408. Historicism And Prophecy (6) Daniel 9,24 Seventy Weeks Of Weeks For Fulfillment Of All Specific Promises To Jewish People;

409. Historicism And Prophecy (7) Revelation 2-3: Seven Churches, Church Ages, Messengers And Messages- N. 3 Pergamon;

410. Historicism And Prophecy (8) Rev 2-3: Seven Churches, Church Ages, Messengers And Messages- N. 7 Laodicea;

411. Genesis (5) 4,3-5,27: Cain's Second Hand Offering, Correction And Human Requirement To Search Out God's Way;

412 Historicism And Prophecy (9) Rev 17-18: From Fallen "Babylonian" Jerusalem Sanctuary To Fallen "Babylonian" Christendom. Surviving Empire But Losing Holy Separation;

413. Genesis (6) 5,28-8,22 Noah And His Ark: The Hope, Rest and Comfort Of A Temporary Savior;

414. Historicism And Prophecy (10) Rev 17-18: From Fallen "Babylonian" Jerusalem Sanctuary To Fallen "Babylonian" Christendom. Dea Roma Blends With Phyrgian Cybele And Ascetic Non Biblical Greek Priesthoods To Not Become The Bride of Christ!;

415. Genesis (7) 9,1-11,32 Noah Slows, So Progeny Slow To Scatter, Then Babels and Rebels (So God Prepares Another Merciful Covenant With Abraham); 

416. Historicism And Prophecy (11) Rev 17-18: Leaders In Jerusalem And Christendom Underestimate Seductive spirit Of Babylon;

Could historical and spiritual "Babylon" really ruin salvation of Christendom? Yes! If we continually underestimate it's destructive supernatual based evil.

417. Historicism And Prophecy (12) Rev 17-18: Actual Endtime Antichrist Revealed In Scripture And Secular-Church History And Precedes Aramageddon And Millenial. 

Endtime Antichrist prophecy was baffling to initial church and now dismissed as passe by moderns. It has also been obscured, minimized and even maximized but for bible faithful and wise it's not ever going away!;

418. Genesis (8) 12,1-14,24: God's Small Ball Universal Call Of Abraham And His Step By Step Response To Taking Faith Custody Of Canaan;

One small step for Abraham is one great leap for God's salvation plan.

419. Historicism And Prophecy (13) Rev 17-18 The Final Antichrist Is No Fable!       

The idea that Christendom (Rev 17-18!) will save the world from the final antichrist and institute the kingdom is a fable.    

420. Historicism And Prophecy (14) Rev 16,16 From False Worship Of Military Power And Final Antichrist Rule To False god of Fortresses (Satan) To Jesus' Armageddon Vindication!  

In the endtime battle, the names of the final antichrist and satan will become historical footnotes in the long and great story of the one Lord and God of Israel and all nations, now united in time under the one name of Jesus in His one Kingdom, one name and kingdom that will never pass away! 

421. Historicism And Prophecy (15) Romans 11 & Galatians 6,16 Israel's Future Salvation, Tmes And Fullness Of Gentiles, Fullness Of 'The Israel Of God."

Elmer A. Jospehson's book "Israel, God's Key To World Redemption" (Bible Light Publications 1974) opens the door to seeing that biblical Israel is both the center and pivot point of both salvation and world history, and that biblical Israel throughout all history never has and never will be forgotten by the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob. 

422. Historicism And Prophecy (16) Conclusions For The Faith Conviction Of An Active Faith That Sees, Hears And Does!

423. Historicism And Prophecy (17) Conclusions For The Faith Conviction Of An Active Faith That Sees, Hears And Does!

Perhaps our historicist quest for seeing and hearing and obeying our ever living God seems occasionally illusive at times, but as soon as we faithfully line up our lives with His sacred and revealed Word as it has come true again and again in history, we begin to experience the fruit of personally knowing our Lord and the fullness of His Word God and thereby His plans and point of view of sacred-secular history and its fulfillment come alive and make perfect sense; 

424. Under Conviction But Overwhelmed By Distraction (1). text:

There is nothing like the Word of God (and The Spirit that goes with it) to focus and prioritize our lives, and repel all the distraction that keeps us from God. Hebrews4,12 tells that the Word so living and active, so sharp that it can sort out out the depths of our souls, spirits, right down to the "joints" and "marrow" of our lives. It can break down, reveal and judge the deepest thoughts and intentions of our hearts. And when it does it's conviction time for each of us, time to make following Jesus our number one priority which begins with the personal faith covenant of adult water baptism.

425. Genesis(9) c14  New King Abraham's Memorable and Blessed Encounter-Experience With Pre-existent King Melquizedek (14);

426. Genesis (10) Abraham's Memorable Mutual Covenant-Experience With God As Blazing Torch (15);

427. Under Conviction But Overwhelmed By Distraction (2) Look Up, Look Within, Look Around.

Jack London's short story 'In A Far Country' (1899): his two distracted and sentimental argonauts (sailors-adventurors on the ship argo of Greek mythology or "stampeders") fail to complete the trek to the Klondike Gold Rush in Canada's Yukon Territory in 1897. Will we fail in our journey of salvation for distraction and modern lack of human solidarity, ie fellowship?

428. Genesis (10) c16 Abraham And Sarah's Experience Of Frustrating And Fleshly Covenant To Get An Heir.

Obeying God's Word and entering into covenant with Him always takes courage. More often than not God inspires and blesses us with a strengthening experience of His grace for that courage. But Abraham's and Sarah's Chapter 16 flesh covenant lacked faith courage and leads to a corrective experience of weakness and frustration, of painfully breaking up with their own fleshly made plans, of having to let Ismael go and thereby learning to hear and obey God without regard to what it personally costs. And this was preparation for 'binding of Issac' in c. 22.

429. Genesis (11) c17 Abraham's Prior Faith Covenantal Experiences-Faith Acts Lead Him To Obey The Portentous "Eternal Covenant" Of Circumcision at 99 Years Old.

Obedience to physical circumcision is predictive of God's favor and salvation of one and all of His people, but it is also God's warning against going astray. Further, it marks very clearly who one belongs to and who governs one's life.  

430. Hebrews6,19: Lost Without Jesus- Anchor Of Hope: How Is Your Story Going To End?

"Laura" in Katherine Ann Porter's brilliant 'Flowering Judas' loses her light and life amidst wordly ideology of revolution, the vortex of worldly sorrow, and her careless refusal to love the truly good.     

431. Genesis (12) c.18 Serious God Tells Serious Prophet Abraham About Promised Issac. But Sarah Laughs-Scoffs.   

And God also reveals to Abraham His concrrete plans for judgement on Sodom.

Amos 3,7: God does nothing without revealing his [secret] plans to his servants the prophets. They are really serious, and for the salvation of God's people, they really need to know!

432. Genesis (13) c.19 Oh My- Sodom And Gomorrah Judged (Thank God Judgement Is Always His Job).

The bible is the one book we can't change the ending- not even in our own minds!

God has his own standards for salvation-judgement and for our canon of scripture which God's people will not let go! We best reverently know as much as possible about the standards of His Word according to new law of the the Spirit. But we take heart, and have compassion on all, because our God is 'mighty to save.' (Jonah3,17);

433. Jesus: The Always New And Defining Event Of Our Lives. 

Who will write our obituary and what will it say about who and what defined our lives?

434. Genesis (14) c. 19 Oh My- Sodom And Gomorrah Judged (Thank God Judgment Is Always His Job)   

Without the clarity of God's judgment things will only get worse for God's people. But at Gn19,27 we learn faithful Abraham stood firm in God's presence the day before judgment and the day after, and so can we all if we stand firm on the revealed Word of God.

Br. Tobin issues a prophetic challenge to those who are taking judgment out of God's Word. 

435. Genesis (15) c.20 No Philistine Strongman Gets In The Way God's Promise Of Issac And The Promised People Of Israel.

God can and will make his will known- sometimes very urgently and explicitly- even to those like Abimelech who don't know him yet. So both sinners and saints, faithers or non faithers, Israel and non Israel must pay attention! This saves lives as was the case here in c.20 when the Philistine Abimelech "stole" Abraham's wife Sarah. Paying attention also saves God's promises, ie the promised son Issac, through whom promses to Abraham will come true (Genesis26,3). Ditto in Genesis 31 when neither Israel's namesake Jacob and his Aramaen sorceror nemisis Laban turned his deaf ear to God commanding voice;

436. Healthy Faith-Healthy Psyche: Notes To Self On Our Relationship With Ourself

437. Without Judgment It Only Gets Worse For Faithful And Non Faithful

A gospel faith in Jesus is a momentous decision and opens the door to truly joyful living. It frees one and all from the weight and condemnation and misery living under the judgment and sickness of sin.

438. Our Church Is A Little Sick Without A Biblical and Revived Lord's Supper

So rise and shine Christian Faithful! The bible teaches that ALL the faithful are priests and ALL bless the cup and the bread at the Lord's table and ALL are commanded do this new Jesus based spiritual sacrifice in His memory;

439. Q and A About The Gospel And Church: Ask And You Shall Receive.

We ask God for answers sort of like a dog asks its master for a bone- then we treasure and guard those answers, and soon thereafter ask for more!   

440. Abe Digs A Deep Well And Also Plants A Prized Tree- This Depicts His Authority, Promise, Jurisdictional Expansion, And Fruitful Progeny;

441. Without Judgment It Only Gets Worse For God's People.

Good Fear Of God Includes Spiritual Sobriety, Patience to withstand delay, no over familiarity with the things of God, and no cutting out parts of revelation like judgement from scripture. 

The bride church withstand all such challenges to faith!

442. How To Better Understand And Interact With Your Bible Based Pastor, Prophet, Man or Woman of God.

The word based gospel is the best alternative lifestyle and when an entire church gets on the same gospel wavelength great things happen!

443. Genesis (16) Genesis c 22: First Faither Abe Has Nothing More To Prove Except that He Would Sacrifice HIs Own Elect Son Issac If God said So.

The lesson here is that active and prompt obedience to God is more important than anything or anyone else including family, nation, culture etc etc.

This dramatic lesson also fully and finally distinquishes Abe's clan from neighboring clans that practice child sacrifice.

444. Without Judgement It Only Gets Worse (5) 

The 17th century European Enlightenment rages on deifying man's ideas and presuming man's supposed nobility yet it has often left us materialists, militarists, hypernationalists, and technological dreamers;

445. ZPM And Our Prophetic Hebrew Scriptural Roots (1)

Between the tree of life in the garden of Eden in Genesis and the tree of life in Revelation is the faith story of the salvation of the people of God, the people of faith and of the book, Israel, whom He chose to represent him, and we gentiles were grafted into their salvation tree.

And by the way "Salvation is from the Jews." John4,22 

446. Drop Your Nets- It's Kingdom Time

Tough Times Speed Up Our Sense Of Gospel Responsibility;

447. ZPM And Our Prophetic Hebrew Scriptural Roots (2) text:

It sure would sober up Christianity if we realized that our faith roots are not in Christendom politics and Tradition but in the prophetic Word of God of both the Hebrew Scriptures and the New Testament, both of which teach, as did Jesus, of a literal millennial kingdom for all his Holy Ones (Zechariah14,5) led by Jesus in Israel;

448. ZPM And Our Prophetic Hebrew Scriptural Roots (3)

What our Faith Roots and tradition are, and are not- what our church is and is not. 

Again Zechariah, such as Zechariah2,10-11, connects and rounds out the unfinished prophecies in the Hebrew scriptures and connects them to New Jesus' second advent as prophesied in the New Testament when He will reign among all the saved of faith both- Jew and Gentile- within the fiery wall of Jesus Himself- in the literal Zion Pentecost kingdom centered in Jerusalem. Oh Glory!

449. Without Judgment It Only Gets Worse (6) How Dare We Waste His Saving Blood

2PT2,9: "The Lord knows how to rescue the godly... and to hold the unrighteous for the day of judgment."

Oh that all churches would stop taking judgment out of our scriptures and doctrine- and get back to the sound basics of the gospel, that all people are sinners in need a savior, that Jesus died for our sins, that only His bloody death on Calvary atones for our sins, and but for personal born again faith in Him that comes by His grace, we face a negative judgment;

450. Without Judgement It Only Gets Worse (7) "Rosebud" and The "Imperium" Of State Power of Revelation6,2 

Prophetic image Of Revelation6,2 updates the tower of Babel symbol of Nimrod's Imperium (Nimrod first great hunter, ie man of force) in greater Babel (Genesis10,8 and 11,8). Babel judged and people of imperium scattered by God, so it would not spread.      

Revelation is resistance literature that unveils image after image of judgment on wayward humanity, empire and wayward Christianity too. As we see into one of these images we can see into the whole unveiling of church history and the endtimes;

451. A Growing Love Can Become The Big Love Of Marriage.

James Carver's "Cathedral" and Giovanni Boccaccio's14th century Decameron (Ninth Tale Of The Fifth Day during ten person and ten day country respite from the black plague just outside Florence) help us understand the big and spacious and redemptive love of marriage.  

452. The Ways And Means Of Prayer Prepares Us For Holy Ghost Ministry.

Scriptures, church, worship and ministry all begin with grace and faith and prayer- ie actually hearing back from God

Three characteristics, six types, and the three big benefits.

453. The Seven Lights Of New Testament Gospel Revelation

The Menorah, as tree of life, as Jesus, as light of the the world, as seven lights of New Testament Gospel Salvation;

454. Without Judgment It Only Gets Worse (8). There Still Is A Distinction Between Pure-Holy-Clean And Impure,Unholy-Unclean

We Christians might think that God diminished His teaching and judgment about clean and unclean in the NT, but not so. While we are not bound by the law of Moses, now that we all are priests, by our personal faith baptism, we are all cleansed from the inside out, made worthy, made pure-holy-clean-holy by the presence of God living in us.

As his prophesied Holy Priesthood (Exodus19,6), we gain discernment from the Word and the Spirit as to what is clean and unclean, and act accordingly. In other words, God's pure presence in us over time serves as good protection from all sorts of deceit. 

This discernment is a type of pre-judgment judgment which gives us all confidence to live our daily faith knowingly enjoying the pure-holy-clean presence of God who has cleansed us by his blood and made us pure-holy-clean.

"Blessed are the pure of heart they shall see God." Mathhew5,8 

455. Without Judgement It Only Gets Worse (9) There Still Is A Distinction Between Pure-Holy-Clean And Impure-Unholy-Unclean.

The first thing a baby is taught "Don't touch that! It's unlean!" Likewise, we Christians become knowledgeable of the Word and attuned to the Spirit, and we learn not to grieve the Spirit with all that is impure-unholy-unclean. 

This sense clean and unclean is a foretaste of salvation and a peaceful comfort as we live out our lives in faith. 

456. Without Judgement It Only gets Worse (10) God's Kingdom Judgement Is Fair To Everyone.

Oh the glorious judgment day when Jesus comes back with all his holy ones (Zechariah14,5) Judges The Earth (and thus wins Armageddon), Redeems The Earth, Rebuilds The Fallen Hut Of David, And Redeems Worship By Building A Millennial Temple For All The Saved.

We set out in this sermon to show by the scriptures that Jesus gives a fair offer of gospel salvation to all who have ever lived, Jew or Gentile. All this is way worth getting ready for! 

457. Stop Neglecting Adult Water Baptism! (1)

Made clean by profession faith, unto unlimited grace of baptisms, plural! (Hb6,1-2)

Adult Water Baptism for infant baptized or those who haven't been baptized ever as refinement for salvation (Zc13,8-10)

Profession of faith And Adult Water Baptism- is the one Fell Swoop of Salvation!

The great English Protestant Reformer William Tyndale knew that if he got the NT bible in a language they could read and into the hands of the people, rather than the "doctors" of Christendom- they would read it for themselves and be able to decide issues of doctrine for themselves. This goes for baptism as well.

If the 20 best high school debaters in the nation never heard a sermon and then read the entire NT and then were divided into two teams- one for the proposition that infant is biblical and the other that adult water baptism is biblical, and Jesus Himself was the judge, who do you think would win?

Nine scriptures will help us out and- you decide!

458. Stop Neglecting Adult Water Baptism! (2) 

Drifting away from biblical realities and principle covenantal ordinances (cf Jeremiah6,17, "the good way"), ie water baptism and Lord's Supper etc.

Infant baptism is the custom while Adult baptism is the Word. Accept the Word unto living the new law of the Spirit in us. James1,21, 25.

Adult baptism essential to NT and the intertestimental period, especially pronounced for the Essenes, part of messiah fervor, and immanent- soon to arrive- kingdom.

Infant baptism essential to formation of church state Christendom and empires since 5th century and Augustine.

New Born Again Believers, Adults, More Open To Adult Baptism. 

459. Stop Neglecting Adult water Baptism! (3)

Personal covenant with Jesus like Abraham, Gn15,8ff;
Faith is not a spectator sport- we get baptized and then we go to gospel work for the gospel and the kingdom;
Do something for your eternal grown up self- get adult baptized;
Personal Covenant Reveals Personal Identity;
Memorable Milestone, we like Abraham never forget God's merciful promises and His faithfulness;

460. True and Excellent Brothers And Sisters Above All Else. Text:

How we treat each other in church is like the proverbial elpehant in the room- the big issue but not often discussed or preached.
2Peter1,7: Kindness is a precept of God in both Hebrew and NT scriptures and a pillar of Christianity.
Church is an elevated community- redeemed, unmistakeably egalitarian like the people of God Israel.
Shabby treatment is not chic in church- need to move the iceberg of customary ways of treating people alien to born again people.
Jesus was kind to us first.
Rights first in church or community faith-bible values first?
Humility, of forgiven people who forgive, another pillar, and reminds us we are all "just a Christian."

461. True and Excellent Brothers And Sisters Above All Else (2)

Hebrews2,11: Jesus is not ashamed to call is brothers and sisters in public- yet many won't even be seen carrying a bible into church.
Titles for Christians? Oh No! Please lay your prideful and hierarchical titles down, we're heirs to the chosen egalitarian people of Israel, not wannabe worldly potentates.
Seven fellowship instructions for our elevated community.
Almost 600 scriptures refer to false Brethren! (Including Ps55,13ff) So we have a problem here.
Blessed are the pure and excellent of heart, for they shall treat their brothers and sisters the way church ought to be;

462. From "Nothing To Show For It' To Faith Shows Me All I Need

The depressed spirit of 'lost a shilling and found six pence.' (ie only half of what we lost) is overcome by great faith.
Cancel culture will leave people doing the cancelling like they have lost a shilling- openess to all people- to finding only six pence (and still subject to being cancelled themselves.)
Because Jesus lives we can live with some material lack!
We faithers do not succumb to poor perception of identity and purpose.
Everybody loves free and faithers get a lot of free stuff- like God's grace, and hope, and understanding etc etc.
Psalm128 We will see the fruit of our gospel labor.
Like Issac, prodigy for Isael who in famine felt evenhe had nothing to show for it, but he didn't run to Egypt.
4 lessons from Issac and his finding the former family wells, ie gifts, and new wells found with God's help.
4 things that prevent blessings from coming our way.
No shame in starting over- at least when we faithers start over we know where we're going;

463. From Nostalgia And Atmosphere To Power And Witness

Acts 1,8: How do we live in the not yet kingdom, in the time of the not yet perfect? With faith power and witness- nostalgia and atmosphere of fandom, or faithdom, doesn't cut it! Whereas, peaceful Manchester United fans seek to empower fans to have a voice in club's management.

Mutually enabled or maturing in Faith? cf fandom 'Die Hards'? Or, see the game for what it Is?
1Cor.15,15 we testify that God raised Jesus from the dead. We testify that we were once dead in our sins but now we have new life and a gospel message for all.
Country songs have lots of nostalgia (sometimes exagerated sentiment about the past unto pathos) and atmosphere but faithers go beyond proper sentiment and atmospehere and seek and obey Jesus as He is, and thereby grow unto a present and ongoing bible based witness to Him, a living and present witness empowered by the Holy Ghost and acts of faith. From passive subjects (sometimes captive servants) to protagonists in our own lives.
Faith witness of Job. 

464. (Not Published) Without Judgement It Only Gets Worse (11): What Will Bring The Antichrist? (1) 

By taking judgment out of church we are just hastening the appearance of the antichrist.

Intro: Three sourced froggy (ie unclean, miry, bogged down) propaganda of Revelation 16,13: out of the mouth of satan, beast and false prophet church system (first propaganda is that humankind can save itself and the earth).

Seven Things Will Bring The Antichrist in seven year end-time tribulation. First three today.

The born again faithful will be raptured just before this seven year tribulation. Last Antichrist different from all earlier ones (Daniel7,24), the definitive one that only dies in end by Jesus' judgment (Revelation 13,1). In the middle of last seven years (Daniel9,27) antichrist revealed (2Th2,4);

Without Judgement It Only Gets Worse (12) Antichrist's Two Principal Attack Targets To Bring About His Rise: 2Thessalonians2,4 and Matthew24,15; 

To explain the rise and rule of the Antichrist we need to understand His two principal targets for his rise and rule. So we are pausing now on explaining the last four of the seven things that will bring his rise and rule, to study His strategy, as explained by scripture.   

Without Judgment It Only Gets Worse (13) What Will Bring The Antichrist?(2)

Three part Froggy-unclean miry bog of propaganda of Revelation16,13 (which hides from the light and cleansing flow of Jesus and His Word) spews and rages on. This propaganda crystallizes on seven things will bring the antichrist and his short reign in seven year end-time tribulation. Numbers four, five, six and seven today.

The Antichrist will in some way claim divine right of Kingship, (which is a false doctrine outside Israel and the Hebrew Sriptures) because as the martyrs of old proved, we Christians have no king but Jesus, and He alone is king of Kings and Lord of Lords!  

465. In Order To Find The Pearl Of Great Price We Have To Look For It!;

This subject pivots on how Jesus makes disciples- he draws us from the multitude, separates us unto his holy service.  Often to be of His sacred use, we must be separated unto His healing before we can know Him and give all to him.

Jesus is looking for single hearted folks, pearl hunters, for the kingdom, separated unto His new law of the Spirit, His healing-empowerment, His kingdom, His sacred gospel use, and His abundance;

466. The Ever Living, Ever Sprinkled, And Ever Flowing Blood Of The Cross Unleashes Eternal Salvation Flow!

Romans5,20: where sin abounded, grace- the flow of salvation- abounded all the more.

With the inspiration of the Great Canadian Pentecostal Maxwell Whyte's Book "The Power of The Blood" we venture forward in faith knowing that Jesus' washing blood still flows, and therefore still covers ALL repentant sin, still washes all repentant souls, still is being sprinkled (by His spirit ordained priesthood fulfilling Exodus19,6!), still purifies, and consecrates and witnesses to the our one salvation in Jesus (John19,34. Revelation5,6, 1Peter1,1-2, 1John58).

Jesus' saving blood incomparably and mysteriously accomplishes two principal things: it grants us a salvation we never deserved, and, with the sending of the Spirit, it opens all facets of our being to Spirit to spirit fellowship with Him, Him dwelling in us. In sum, His everliving, ever flowing  blood not only pays the price for our sins, but opens the floodgates of the Spirit of God sent into God's people, God's congregation, both as individual temples and the temple of the nations, ie the church.   

467: From Beginning To End Our Christian Faith Is Unconventional Wisdom (1)    

Remember that unconventional wisdom of "I could have had a V-8!" ie I could have imbibed something healthy rather than sugary-empty calories that don't satisfy.

Our salvation begins with the healthy unconventional decision of seeking and finding the living eternal water given by Jesus. Yet, are we still thirsting for another sugary or brutal snippet of worldly conventional wisdom, or the unconventional wisdom and verdant expanse of our supernatural and miraculous faith in Jesus?   

468. From Beginning To End Our Christian Faith Is Unconventional Wisdom (2)

Errant conventional wisdom in our minds is like putting sticks into the spokes of our born again, well spinning, faithful consciousness. It depresses our spirits and makes them lazy and dull, and risks robbing us of the elevated humanity, the rich meaning and persevering Spirit that only His salvation gives us. Oh yes our unconventional biblical wisdom raises us to the status of a faithful human being with a supernaturally infused and faithful heart that becomes truly human rather than just the worldly try, try, try to be "good" and try, try, "try to do better" of conventional worldly wisdom. We choose instead to exercise your unconventional gift of faith (every person claiming to be a Christian has an actual measure of true faith cf Romans12,3), ie confidently act on the promises of God, again and again (cf Gene Scott).  

In contrast it seems so much of life now in and out of church devolves downward (or swerves sideways) toward a business model toward serving mammon- money- rather the upward call and path of God's better life and the supernatural grace of His Word and Spirit when we serve Him and others. A business model paradigm in church and elsewhere might make us useful specialists at our jobs, but not so well heart integrated and faithful about all the important things like family life, marriage, the quality and joy of our faith itself, let alone moral, justice, and a robust and healthy spiritual-faith walk with Jesus.

469. From Beginning To End Our Christian Faith Is Unconventional Wisdom (3) 

As Christians we give up on the false conventional wisdoms of luck, fate, determinism, and nihilism, self righteous materialism, hedonism etc and instead build our lives around the prophetic and kingdom values and faith teachings of Jesus Christ found in his Word and lived according to His Spirit.

I exhort us Christians to square up our lives with all we profess (square up our minds first with the Word and Spirit) and get comfortable with unconventional wisdom of supernaturally living right and suprnaturally following (by faith) our risen lamb, our risen Lord, a man-God by the name of Jesus! I exhort us to get comfortable with the miracles of His word and Spirit, of His great shalom, the great health of biblical peace and salvation, get comfortable with His 'grace is enough' for me and live the life and thereby the calling we profess. And Lord Jesus let it sink in deep in our hearts when we profess YOU as 'the way the life and the truth.'

After examining a bit of Joseph's life and His unconventional providential struggle and choice to forgive his brothers, we examine a bit the human temptation and conventional thinking of 'destroying the messenger.'

A modern trend upon this conventional wisdom is to even to attack the message of notable Christian leaders who have gone home to the Lord. The "Slacktavist" at 5.18.2017 "Speaking Truth Of The Dead" notes that there is no biblical prohibition against examining the life and teaching of the dead, but that any such examination would be subject to not judging the person's soul. He also notes that it is not very sporting to attack a man's character and teaching after he is dead. But that doesn't mean we should just offer fandom as the only legitimate post mortem response to a Christian leader's life and teaching.  

But it seems the trend inside and outside the church, likely to soon be conventional wisdom, is that everyone is fair game for dismissal and debunking amidst the worldy and "truthy" nature of all politics, especially the modern politics of personal destruction, whether someone is dead or alive. Better the unconventional bible wisdom to 'test every spirit' (and so every leaders biblical cogency), examine the fruit, but always with the realization that publicly attacking fellow believers with a wordly-critical spirit (that seems to border on hate) is 'no Bueno' (cf1Corinthians6,1ff) and that any critique of fellow believers, dead or alive, should be done in a spirit of loving correction, willing to point out differences in doctrine, and done in such a way that the present church and churches are edified and educated rather than further tribalized.     

And we best remember Proverbs 3,5: "Trust in the Lord with all your hearts, and lean not on your own understanding." 

Oh my- think back how often our human understanding about a person or situation has been nothing but conventional tripe, gossip, some sort of garden variety of ideology, or prejuidice or politics, all far distant from the Word and Spirit. But as more mature Christians we examine the matter and the folks involved more closely, separate the facts from the falsities, and give the matter the consideration of prayer and human neighborliness. And with love we refrain from ultimately judging another person's eternal soul, and always allow God to have the last word on the matter!

Yeah for the fact that God's unconventional wisdom is always better than our conventional wisdom! One day when we each meet him face to face His unconventional last word of mercy and His unconventional gospel of forgiveness and salvation (as lived by Jesus and Joseph) will be surely the sweet music to each and all of us.

In the meantime, may we all get used to the good news of hearing Jesus' unconventional wisdom and Word in every situation of our lives, in and out of the church, in Jesus Name I pray.        

470. Satan, The Evil One: Resist Him and Pray For Deliverance From Him. 

We are going study satan a bit in this sermon. Why? Because if he studied how to take Job and Jesus down, he might be studying how to bring you and me down too!

Our principal texts will be: 1. Jude v. 9 ie no "railing" against him- just rebuke him!; 2. cf Isaiah13,14 about our human weakness as scattered souls post Covid, and thus our need for our good shepherd Jesus more than ever, to guide us away from all temptation, and toward  gathering us up as one in the rapture, and His return with all the holy ones to begin the millennial; 3. John4,1 the temptation of Jesus to receive the whole world amidst his own lonliness and hunger; 4. James4,7 "resist...and he will flee."; and 5. Revelation12,11: "And they overcame him by the blood of the lamb...", and 6. Matthew6,13: "And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one" ie from a real personal spritual being, a fallen angel  (Ephesian6,12: "we wrestle not against flesh and blood but powers and priciplaties..."), not a projection of our fears.

471. Satan Tries To Corrupt But the Lord Establishes Us Firmly In Faith

Launch sciptures: Psalm107,2; 2Thessalonians3,3

The Lord (messiah!) gathers while satan scatters- and recruits folks to the wrong team. Yes our Lord Jesus gathers us in so many ways. All His ways as the Good Shepherd gather us. First he gives us grace, and we act on it in the first expression of faith, profession, then faithful-covenantal adult water baptism, then Holy Gost baptism and gifts, offices and gospel service, all of which bring us close and ever closer to Him, gathered to the world's one messiah!

In this second hour studying satan (because he studies us) we remember from last time that we rebuke and resist him not revile. And here today we will also examine (with the help of the ODJR) the progressive nature of our Christian knowledge about this real 'evil one,' the real supernatural fallen "person", the god wanna-be named satan. Yes he began in the Israelite bible consciousness as a mere "adversary" of us humans, but he became the 'evil one' in the New Testament, part of the whole apocalyptic drama of the salvation of Israel and the church.

Non Christians, or modern Christians with less focus on the scriptures, might to this day say that the fuller development of satan' fallen supernatural personhood- or fallen angelhood- is sourced from Persian Zorastrianism. But that something exists in another culture or nation's faith doesn't mean the apocalyptic and prophetic glimpses of the person of satan in the Hebrew scriptures are not a valid part of the basis upon which Christianity and the New Testament develops its more explicit teaching on satan. 

We Christians look all the way back in the Hebrew scriptures and see an actual evil one in the garden, the same actual evil one that tempted Jesus with power in the desert wilderness. Yes our faith has an apocalptic end with Jesus per Revelation19,6ff on great white horse judging all, and all evil, and then the evil one. This is not mythology from dualist foreign source, but further new testament revelation in the Judeo Christian bible stream.

The Hebrew teachers at Jamnia in the late first centuryCE or AD did a great job compiling the infallible Hebrew canon (the bookends of their scripture), which they see primarily as the Law, the Torah, as depicted in the first five books of our bible, then the Nevi'im (prophets and historical books) and then the Kethuvim (writings).

Whereas, us Christians from the start searched the prophets (not the Mosaic law, fulfilled by Jesus, but the new law of the Spirit) like Ezekiel, Jeremiah, Daniel and Zechariah and Haggai and Habakkuk, to find Jesus and thereby by faith in Jesus we magnify the prophetic and apocalyptic crisis (Jesus and angelic warfare to a degree) of good versus evil drama and the role of Satan which our Brit Hadassah fully teaches.

We gravitate, and still do, toward reading the entire Hebrew scriptures and New testament writings as the victory over satan who was in the garden as the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, as was Jesus there as the tree of life, both trees that are also found in the last book of the NT as well.

So while the idea that the evil one being a real person is relatively late and per the New Testament, there is no doubt that ever since 586 BCE and Babylonian exile, and ever since Isaiah 52-53 that Israel's salvation history took a progressively apocalyptic-prophetic turn, a turn depicted by an increasing crisis, which speeded up after four or five empires occupied the land, over six to seven centuries, the last empire being non Christian Rome, who Jesus, King of the Jews, confronted in his colloquy with Pilate.

Israel also unsuccessfully and apocalyptically confronted Rome militarily in 66 CE the First Jewish Revolt put down by 70AD (ending with the destruction of the temple by Roman General Titus, and exit of Christians from Jerusalem) and then the Bar Kochba revolt in 134 CE. These apocalyptically inspired losses explain to a degree why non Christian Israel still looks to the Torah first and foremost, that is to living according to the law of the community, and good works and charity, not to endtime conflict with satan's team and kingdom brought on by Jesus.  

Jesus confronted satan himself, wanna be king of the universe, and wannbe be ruler of all the the heavenlies, all the spiritual jurisdictions, 'face to face' in the desert, and satan left him, fled. 

That's a long way, I am like that sometimes, to explain that apocalypticism-prophecy and Satan are now primarily Christocentric and that satan in the biblical minded Hebrew scripture law mode is sort of an after thought, but with the fullness of NT we Christians obviously take a more expansive view.

But, stay with me, this long way round helps us understand the progressive way satan is depicted all the way up to when he is thrown into the burning lake of fire per Revelation20,10.

So 1Samuel29,4 (Brown Driver Briggs 7854) depicts a disagreement between Israelites and Philistines, who did not trust Philistine Achish's ok of David because the Philistines as a group thought David, a man of war, could turn on them, become an adversary, adversary being the first name and definition of satan, in the Israelite bible mind, nothing more or less. 

Likewise, at 1Kings5,4 Solomon remarks that the land is at peace (unlike in David's bloody reign) ie "there is no adversary [literally no satan] or other evil occurrent." therein. kj This idea may have been partly or fully behind what Jesus said to Peter when Peter suggested Jesus avoid the cross. "Get behind me satan." ie right now Peter, you are my adversary, my enemy!

At Job 2,1 and satan, who roams the earth, is a God permitted heavenly prosecutor, Job's adversary. At 1Chronicles21,1 Satan is progressively more evil still, as Israel's seducer, or unjust inciter (BDB 5496) of David to take a census rather than depend on God providence to win battles.

By Ephesians6,12 and the book of Revelation satan is not only our chief enemy, adversary, but by Revelation 12,1, he is the 'accuser of the brethren,' and string puller in the whole fallen world system who risks the salvation of God's people with apostasy and his antichrist protoge (Rev13,1) that Jesus must judge and stop him and his protoge and beast and false prophet so as to bring the millennial kingdom of God.

Thus, this progressive view of satan through the whole bible makes perfect sense to us Christians. No worries, no contradicton, just more faith in a NT sense seeking and finding understanding in the scriptures, both written and interpreted with Holy Ghost inspiration. This progressive revelation view of satan merely highlights the true Lordship and soon to be won earthly kingdom of Jesus.

For us Christians satan is revealed as the corrupter of man, right from the garden, then angel Lucifer who fell, to become a wanne be god of Ezekiel28 and Isaiah 14, to become adversary of all the faithful, and finally to try and beget himself, incarnate himself, as if that were possible, as the antichrist, as part of one last vain attempt to be god and rule all the spirtitual jurisdictions of heaven and earth, and scatter Israel in the end, and scatter the church away from our one and only king of kings and Lord of Lords.

472. Dave Wilkerson's Warning Against Accomodation in the Christian Church (1999)

Spiritually forewarned is spiritually forearmed. He died in a crash in 2011, but this prophecy still speaks, and is way popular.

His gave a clear friendly warning to AG leaders and to all Christian churches in Springfield Missouri in 1999 in a sermon "The Dangers Of The Gospel of Accomodation." In this sermon, which we will read in part, laments what I would call the non biblical mediocrity creep, or mammon creep, whereby ever increasing fuzzy accomodations, bring the church a fuzzy and then fussy faith, and finally a weak non prophetic and easy pleasy faith that risks souls for popularity and wealth!

Four identifiable characterize Wilkerson's teaching.

We'll also introduce the modern stronghold ideology of the big church credo (and the big church pastor) knows better, and its birth to the idea that the big accomodating church has big authority. We'll break that down in our next hour, on warnings and the biblical and Spiritual authority needed to give them.

I see accomodation, which may mix in some good motives (such as less judgmentalism and officiousness in favor of more friendly atmosphere) as a real threat to faith perseverence of our blood bought souls. This modern accomodation of worldly feel good success worship may evidence itself as modern Christianity's last and greatest failure (Laodicea! Rev3,14ff), just as the success of political accomodation, and church state union, contradicting Jesus' own words, has been Christendom's (both Roman and later state-church Protestants and similar church-state flavors up to the present) earliest and greatest failure and worldly legacy.

Wilkerson and William Branham before him both understood that when worldly success becomes the norm and the means of church practice and aspiration, wacth out! Watch Out Watchman, watchperson, eternal souls are in the balance!   

473. Warnings-Corrections And Biblical Authority in the Church

In this second hour, we dive dive deeper into the subject wrestle with the concept of biblical warnings and corrections and the biblical authority behind them. Without biblical authority warnings and corrections may be true and bible and inspired- and like kids who need to obey "hypocritical" parents- they should be followed simply for these reasons- but no doubt these warnings are best delivered by those who are like the first "holy" man of the bible, the first suffering servant of sorts, Joseph who "gained authority over the land [of Egypt no less]." Genesis41,45 He gained authority in leadership by suffering service, by the rejection of popularity among his own people, and embracing the providence of serving the people God gave him to serve.

Even though for freedom Christ set us free we Christians do not despise authority in the church or out (cf1Tm4,12 and 2Peter2,10). To despise authority may be the result of bad example, pain and real hurt caused by those in authority, or it may come from some hidden sin of the despiser, some guilty snare.

Wilkerson's four ministry characteristics are a good place to start in gaining authority 1) excellence; 2.) prepared and definite teaching; 3) service to others, witness. Word and Spirit based, and watchman aspect; 4) Firm foundation of life on and in Christ Jesus.

We'll also examine very briefly Martin Luther's authority in the 16th century Proptestant Reformation which came from his fearless faith, His conviction about His 95 Theses, and conviction the Protestant Reformation was way necessary. In sum, Luther warned and that there was no good reason to compromise the Word of God to please our fellow humans. Luther's life, his entire witness, serves as a threshold benchmark and warning against separating the Christian faith from the foundational authority and salvation doctrine of the Holy Scriptures.

His salvation by grace by way of personal faith doctrine has been accepted by Christendom, by the RCC in 1999 in a document known as the Joint Declaration On The Doctrine Of Justification. However his excommunication has not been withdrawn. Later in life, his loving wife, who gave him five children and a loving marriage, characterized him as "too rude!" (We pray he repented of his antisemitism before he went to meet the Lord). But this man had authority to warn any and all about the importance of the scriptures, and the fruit of his authoritative warnings was a religious Reformation that forever changed the way all people see human freedom, their human conscience, institutional religion that strays from the bible, and the authority of scripture as the rule of Christian humanity.   

We'll end the sermon talking about John MacArthur's 2013 book "Strange Fire" (for my review see , which offered a stern warning and correction to the Pentecostal Movement. (I call it a movement because Pentecostalism is not church denomination, it's a movement toward and back to biblical Christianity.) Since I don't agree with MacArtur's claim that the Christian offices of Prophet, apostle and evangelist were closed after the first 12 Apostles died, I don't think MacArthur's non Pentecostal evanagelical biblical theology provides the real correction in this book. MacArthur wrote a much needed book that did indeed successfully correct the occasional floppy excesses and occasional lack of biblical focus and the occasional goofiness in the movement.

But more than that, eight years on, this correction has given me more confidence that the pentecostal movement has not only more worship in Spirit and truth to offer, but also the potential too offer more biblical insight and a demonstrated lived biblical fullness of to offer as well.

The book also served as an anointed wake up call, a we-can-do-better challenge to us Pentecostals, that is, praise God, being internalized within the movement. Praise God for his providential will! Thanks be to God that John MacArthur wrote the book.

God used MacArthur's considerable authority- gained by his unstinting ability and teaching focus to apply scripture to unpopular and less than easy-pleasy subjects. MacArthur's personal God given authority allowed God to correct the movement of excess and straying from the Word. The blessed result is a greater sense of preparation, a more focused biblical approach, a greater depth and appreciation of biblical study, and a greater humility from those within the movement. These blessings of correction will in the long run bless not only the Pentecostal movement but all our brother and sister Christians as well. 

Wilkerson's warning, Luther's warning, and MacArthur's warning-correction all are still bearing fruit, for those who ears to hear, anyway!

Don't you see son of man- woman of God?     

474. Seedbed of The Antichrist (1): False god Of Fortresses

As the fullness of salvation history draws nearer Daniel12,3 challenges the faith of us all, to kick it up a notch or two: "Those who are wise will shine shine like the heavens, and those who lead many to righteousness, like stars forever and ever."

And we think back to Genesis12,3 and God's promise to Abraham that all the families [nations] of the earth will be blessed through him, ie through faith like him! 

Our faith makes us all sons and daughters of Abraham and also the one true God of Israel, sons and daughters, inheritors of all the faith promises of both the Hebrew scriptures and the New Testament, the blessed whole counsel of God. And what a great calling we gentile Christians share with Israel. What a great calling and purpose to lead others to salvation by sharing the full gospel, spreading our gospel knowledge and vision so that none of God's people perish in apostasy, for lack of vision (cf Hosea4,6). This calling and purpose are further seen at Psalm67,1-2 and Matthew28,19.

Psalm67,1-2: "May God be gracious to us and make his face shine on us, that your ways may be known on earth, your salvation among all nations."

Matthew28,19-20: "Go and make disciples of all nations baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost teaching them to observe all; and lo I am with you until the end of the age." RSV 

God gave us our gospel message of salvation in Jesus name as our seedbed, that's the word and picture the Lord he gave me. We get saving faith as individuals and church and then we tend our precious faith seedbed. We water the gospel word and our faith in Jesus and it brings a harvest. It bears much fruit before Jesus comes back in judgement (For this vital question of who we are as the church in the USA see PH 476 below for this sermon). Yet Satan also has a seedbed so to speak, just as he had a place in the garden of Eden,  a corruptive planting there, with corrupting seeds, corrupting knowledge, corrupting vision or revision, from the tree of knowledge of good and evil (cf Genesis2,9).

Satan and his team have been preparing right throughout salvation history this anti gospel seedbed, corrupting and destroying souls through their anti knowledge, anti vision, and deceived leaders under satan's sway. And this evil seedbed will one day in the final seven year tribulation, become the seed bed of the appearing antichrist, satan's last and best attempt to incarnate himself. Satan and the antichrist will jointly attempt to replace Jesus with their anti Jesus, replace the seedbed of the gospel knowledge and vision from God, and trying to erase the fact that God brought salvation to all through the Jewish people, out of their prophetic word, out of the appearance of their messiah. All this is their vain but very real attempt by these two evil ones and their adherents to replace our Lord and savior Jesus Christ, king of kings and Lord of Lords. But that can't and won't be done. But the fact is God wants us all tioo persevere, finish the race, not stumble and fall.  

Now from our study of the bible we see that the seedbed of the antichrist will consist of two principle false teachings, two major deceptions, two tenacious strongholds over the minds and spirits of fallen humanity, and especially those who do not have faith in the one and ever living God of Israel. These two strongholds have existed and become more powerful throughout salvation history. The first is the false god of fortresses, a false spirit that has humanity sticking out its chest in pride and itching to be the one top dog, like Nimrod, and building towers of babel, up to the high heaven, and this ambitious fortress spirit pervades and or invades institutions, leaders, governments, whether they know it or not.

And the second evil stronghold fits right in with the first, its evil twin, is lawlessness (unjust violence, false god of fortresses inspire violence which inspires lawlessness and things get worse and worse). These two strongholds are the the principle deceptions of satan and define the spiritual seed bed out of which antichrist will appear. 

These two spiritual strongholds are bringing the antichrist, this endtime con man, probably a gentile, likely a globalist who wants to change all we already know (Daniel7,25 change times and seasons) about the good and gracious God of the bible, with a monstrous, seemingly peaceful but ultimately violent and lawless false gospel, an anti word that will attempt to take away humanity's and Israel's and the churchs' hard one biblical freedom.

And when the anichrist appears, we'll have been just raptured 1Thessalonians4,17.

cf. Wikipedia "Onward Christian Soldiers." citing Collins "Stories Behind Hymns That Inspire Americans." Zondervan 2003. 

475. The Seedbed Of The Antichrist (2): Lawlessness.

Lawlessness, or wickedness, wherever found- in the church, in culture, in politics- is the devil's plaything. It corrupts our humanity, our nations and our religions, and leaves humanity sort of ignorant and deaf to the inalienable rights we humans enjoy from God, and deaf to the new law, or perfect law of repentant faith in Jesus, of freedom in faith, ie the new law of the Spirit (James1,25) that comes from a personal saving faith that lives and follows Jesus according to the new norms and standards of the gospel.

Christianity is not without a law! And Not without the whole word of God.

God didn't tell us to throw out the 10 commandments. Our faith and church is not libertine, not charismania, not cheap grace. It's faith folks who have been disciplined by the new law of the Spirit, the new law of forgiveness and mercy, the new way to approach God, thorugh the graceful blood bought offer of salvation to all after Jesus' saving death on Calvary. (If you don't know God it's time for you to take Jesus up on His gracious offer.) Then we will receive the Holy Ghost power to not only spread the gospel, but live the new law of grace, the law of the Spirit, that sees right and wrong and now gladly chooses the right.

But make no mistake, the antichrist and his lawless and divisive spirit has been working all through the ages of the church, his and satan's mystery of lawlessness (2Thessalonians2,7), have always attempted to replace the saving wisdom and knowledge of the Word of God, and debunk Israel's faith, and her faith in the millennial, and her and our Zion kingdom, and debunk our precious faith in Jesus, God in the flesh, who died on Calvary to save all,  despite the vain efforts of any final antichrist. 

cf helpful "The Eviction Moratorium And The Rule Of Lawlessness." Jeff Jacoby Updated August 7, 2021 Boston Globe

476.USA  Faithful As Seedbed Of Gospel, Offspring Of Abraham

Who are we Christians in the USA? 

Without vision or strong practical faith knowledge (Daniel12,3), ie a good faithful identity, we Christians will not thrive, and our we risk perishing in apostasy (cf Hosea4,6).  We Christians in the good old USA need to wake up and rise above the worldwide spiritual stronghold of the false god of fortresses and reject the violence and chaos and worldwide lawlessness of our present modern culture, and stay faithful and peaceful (Hebrews12) and forgiving, and hopeful.

In short, we must rise up to the challenge of a stepped up faith per Daniel12,3 and get wise and lead many to salvation (Mathhew28,19). 

To do this we need to better figure out who we are as Christians in the good old USA. Love of our country is good. And as citizens we have much to be thankful for. But only faith in Jesus is really good- excellent! Faith is a higher virtue than patriotism, though patriotism is good too.   

We must also remember that our nation is not an empire, never was planned that way, nor is our nation meant to be authoritarian, but a representative republic, a federalist republic, no kings, no emperors, no church potentates ruling in a state church either. Our government was designed to both respect states rights and  the bill of rights, ie rights granted to all Americans.

Like Israel in Babylon of old (586BC) we are in exile in this world (Ezekiel17). We have a great country, but we're still in the world, Babylon, not the kingdom yet. In Babylon Israel didn't want to sing one one of their Zion songs by the rivers of Babylon (Psalm137,1-4 It's also Jimmy Cliff reggae song). But we're Christians- we always have a gospel song in our seedbed, always a praise on our lips for our Jesus. We're pilgrims on this earth, we're in exile from the kingdom, looking for the Zion millennial, over there, not here, over there where Jesus walked. And we rightfullly love our nation, but oh my we know the bible now and we know that we are not any new Israel. We are, by and large, descendants of transplants from Europe, from which our forbears left- yearning for religious and political freedom, and freedom from religious strife and empire, and kings, and religious empire too.

The state of CT has a motto (1788) that could especially help us Christians in the USA struggling with the vision thing in this difficult days: "Qui Transtulit Sustinet" He who is transplanted sustains. It likely comes from Psalm80,8-9 (cf, and the motto sees the story of faithful CT, transplanted from Europe, as like Israel, and Israel was transplanted back in the promised land after 400 years captivity in Egypt.

This is a comparison, a metaphor, and doesn't make CT or the USA any new Israel, or the promised land, or the kingdom of God, or always exceptional, though these concepts have colored our religious and political history a bit, and perhaps this has made us a little too confident of our elect status.

But I like this motto, which is a metaphor, not a claim to any sense of eternal American superiority, but we do have gratitude for our shared American blessings. It also suggests an America persevering, sustaining, keeping on in peace, the peace of a faithful people getting even more rooted in our not so old home and nation. This motto is instructive and hopeful for us Christians, and puts us in the USA in touch with our better angels so to speak, in touch with the Lord. As the psalmist said:

"You transplanted a vine from Egypt; you drove out the nations and planted it. You cleared the ground for it and it [Israel] took root and filled the land." Psalm80,8-9

Oh glory, we love the word of God. It roots us wherever we are.  

Being transplanted from Europe in time gave us political freedom and religious freedom, so we Christians in the USA are blessed and we pray these freedoms last until Jesus' second advent. And we pray for the faith to stand up peacefully for our religious freedom. Thank God for the religious pluralism in this nation. Why? Because it means religious freedom for us Christians, freedom to open and close our church doors when we want.

In the USA we don't force anyone to worship like we do. But the CT state church- flush with the blessing of the "Great Awakening"- tried to force Ethan's father Joseph, an "old light" Calvinist, justified by woks charity and obedience to the ordinances of the church, to publicly declare in church a born again faith, ie show evidence of this new light (also Calvinist). If he didn't his citizenship was to be demoted and diminished in the church state congregation and around town and all over the state. "Ethan Allen His Life And Times" W.S. Randall Norton 2011 77) This public display was something that the leading citizen and patriarch of a founding CT Puritan family would not do. (Though he still would be expected to tithe ie pay the state church tax.)

So, as they had done several times before, ill disposed to conformity, Ethan's family moved, this time north to the rough hewn town of Cornwall, still keeping the Calvanism (strict predestination of visible saints) of the state church, still an "Old Light" with a pastor Palmer who was close to the family. But a State church bishop of sorts, presiding over Litchfield County's consociation of state churches (in a church that did not have hierarchy! p. 88) made a point to follow Joseph Allen up the road a piece and loudly denounced (sometimes ordinary clerical calumny doesn't cut it) Pastor Palmer and Joseph Allen and the moderate Old Lights.  

By this time, and all this trouble Joseph Allen had rejected the doctrine Calvanist of strict predestination of souls, as unfair. So he and Pastor Palmer became Anglicans (a church state of England, still distant overlords to an extent of the colonies, but who believed in humanity's cooperation with God's grace unto salvation). Palmer was excommunicated and later sued for breach of contract (104) by his former church employers, sued in official state courts favoring the official state religion, wherein they prevailed, leaving Pastor Palmer in great difficulty for the rest of his life.

Young Ethan Allen stood up for him and published a written defense of him and became a prmoinent CT dissenter from CT state church orthodoxy. As such a leader, Ethan and his mother in 1762 sought and got an exemption for themselves, 19 new Anglicans, from paying the local church tax-tithe to the state church in Corwall. Instead they would be allowed to pay into a fund reserved for the Anglican mission. But the deal fell through (105).

The way I see it Ethan Allen was so scandalized that he never broached organized Christianity ever again, even though the plan was from his youth that he would follow the well trod path of becoming a state church minister. Instead, he turned his attention to leading men in the Revolutionary War and garnering wealth via becoming sort of a land baron.

The Christian faith in VT could have been well planted by him, and yet it wasn't.

So much for state churches and forced worship. 

In the good old USA we don't sort of force dissenting folks like Roger Williams in 1631 to accept his teaching appointment in the Massachusetts Bay Colony (which he thought was not separated enough from the sate church of England) when he preferred the Salem campus and later the Plymouth Colony where he was successful and his "new and dangerous ideas" were not offensive.

And well the hierarchical Massachusetts Bay Colony, a state religion that taxed and punished and all the rest, summoned him to their General Court in Boston in October of 1635 and convicted him of sedition and heresy and declared he was spreading "diverse, new, and dangerous opinions." Wikipedia "Roger Williams" (citing LaFantasie, ed. "Correspondence of Roger Williams" 1988 pp 12-13) For this he was later run off in the dead of winter because he didn't fit in with the religious-political-state church divines that ran that Colony.

You might know some of Williams' story. He escaped south to Rhode Island through the snow and lived peacefully and religiously among the Narragansetts, the indigenous, teaching them appropriately, and founded the city of Providence which tolerated different religious beliefs.

Williams was an exceptional man and a valid freedom loving and freedom giving founder in a sense of an exceptional people, mostly Christian people, a people and nation that became known as the United States of America which was always meant by the grace of God to have left religious strife and violence behind in Europe, left it in the past, a nation that gives us Christians the free speech right to shout our bible faith from the rooftops in freedom.  

So with our CT motto and like Roger Williams we need to roll with the Spirit and respect the political and religious tolerance that our nation learned the hard way, and grants still, and asks of us. Jesus told his apostles not to mind if other folks besides them were using his name so long as they were doing the gospel ministry (Mark9,38-40).

From out of these verses at Mark 9  and the CT motto and from the examples of Ethan Allen and Roger Willaims we Christians in the USA are reminded that religious tolerance is a good thing. Think how tolerant Jesus was with each of us. We enjoy the freedom of our faith by blessed grace and providence and tolerance of God, the freedom discovered by the Apostle Paul, for which we Christians in the USA were set free. So we honor this religious freedom we have all experienced here, the freedom we cherish, an exceptional freedom. We pray this religious freedom is respected in word and deed here in our country and around the world, because religious freedom and free speech are the two rights that allow us to keep and spread the gospel here and around the world.

We need to wake up and realize that we Christians in the USA are firstly called to be exceptionally faithful, exceptionally committed as a faithful offspring of Abraham, with an exceptional faith like Abraham, like Jesus, like Roger Williams, who all learned to season their speech with graceful salt (Colossians4,6).

Such graceful salt includes the fact that we have no right to claim that we are any new Israel because only Israel is Israel, and no nation has, or ever has or will, replace her, nor will God ever forget her (Romans11,26: "all Israel shall be saved."). Thus, we Americans, some of us Christians, are not promised by God a manifest destiny to be part of an empire, or nation builders, or and the military quarantors for the world.

And between the pandemic, and the recent and inevitable and disquieting end of "nation building" in Afghanistan (with soldiers? I thought soldiers had limited military objectives?) for over twenty years, and the increasing social and political intolerance in our culture, and the increasing violence in our cities, and hedonism in our culture and in the church, it's time we Christians in the USA consciously adopt a more pronounced gospel identity as brothers and sisters, seeking Holy Ghost fellowship, as Abraham's faith offspring first and foremost, no more no less, who know the prince of peace, a people who consciously choose to be a gospel seedbed of Faith, Of Jesus, of our one Lord and Savior, putting him first as the fruitful vine in the seedbed, a vine, His vine, His seedbed, in which we must remain (cfJohn15,1-4).   

This conscious and robust self definition for us faithful may not stave off the apostasy of the lukewarm and distracted within the church (what percentage of us do you think that is dearly beloved?). Or make the good old USA officially a Christian nation, but it surely will help humble and sustain those of us, hunting and pecking forward, still in exile, God's blood bought faithful, his little flock, here in the good old USA , readying for another transplant- ready for the rapture.

Though if we're honest we might admit too, that before that transplant, we're due and presently experiencing, a bit of God's pruning, both as church and as a nation. Yes sir we are being pruned by God!

Praise His Name, Praise Him for the seedbed of the gospel, and for the fruitful harvest that will come after this time of pruning. And praise him again for the time he gives us all to get right with Him.  

Br. Tobin

477. Empires And Wanna Be Empires Fall, But Nations Are The Will Of God (And Go Into The Kingdom too);

At Genesis 6-9 we have the flood narrative- a judgment because God's heart was grieved by the continual human wickedness-so much so that God repented of his creation. Genesis6,5-6.

Part of that wickdness came from above, from fallen angels in heaven, who looked upon the daughters of men and took them as wives. Genesis 6,4  says that some of the children of this evil age became "mighty", ie violent, too big for their britches.

The flood was going to clean up the situation and start fresh with Noah and his clan and a new creation.

And part of the blessing of Noah's obedience was the seventy clans, the nations, of his descendants. "From them other nations branched out on earth after the flood." Genesis10,32.

Nations- as blessings- were give after the judgement of the flood.  

At Genesis 10,8  we meet Nimrod (one of Noah's grandsons), who "began to be a mighty one in the earth." KJ Oh my- Nimrod went right back to being like the 'giants' of old, the mighty supernaturally evil and violent men before the flood.

Nimrod was the first violent kingdom maker, a very ambitious king and emperor type. So Genesis10,10: "And the beginning of his kingdom was Babel, and Erech, and Accad, and Calneh, in the land of Shinar."

Well, as history shows, once you start on an empire you can't seem to stop, so v.11: "Out of that land went forth Asshur, and builded Nineveh and the city of Rehobeth, and Calah." And v. 12: "And Resen between Nineveh and Calah: the same is a great city."

Now there was the nations decreed at 10,32, as a blessing for Noah's obedience, and survival for the flood, and a remedy for evil mighty men, humanity's wickedness. But instead of spreading out in and as nations after the flood all the people, or new nation peoples, all got together on the plain of Shinar, the heart of Nimrod's growing empire. And there they built the tower of Babel, one big tower, and one big central worldly city, for one big empire. Genesis11,1-9.

And the Lord knew if He let all this happen- one city, one tower to the heaven, one ruler sort of acting like God- there would be no end to what humankind would cook up out of their vain imaginations. Genesis11,6 

So what did God do? Genesis10,7-8: he scattered humankind (right back to the nations) and confounded their one language and made it many languages.

Empires and wannbe empires fall, but nations, filling the earth as God intended, go into the kingdom, one by one. Isaiah11,10; Dt32,43;Mt28,19, Revelation19,14. 

So keep watch nations, keep yourselves whole, keep your faith powder dry, don't aspire to be just another failed empire, and watch out for the endtime antichrist who is going to try and build his empire and try to rule the world, by separating God's peoples, his God ordained nations from God, and their true shepherds, and their true prophets, through the false god of fortresses and the sowing of lawlessness in the name of one very worldly project.  

478.  Seedbed of Antichrist (3) Nazism

Nazism under Hitler was a ghastly and horrid and unacceptable test run for the final antichrist. 

It had a ghastly and criminal antisemitism, that mocks the entire revelation of scripture and the true history of salvation, and the blessed role of IsraeI, as light of the nations, as a true blessing to humankind via Abraham (Genesis12,1), and as the literal home of the Kingdom of God (Zechariah14,5).

It had the "Third Reich," an attempted third imperium, a militarist empire inspired by the false god of fortresses, Daniel11,36-39.

It had its "antichrist" in the person of the furor, Adolph Hitler. It had its mysterious stronghold of lawlessness (cf2th2,7) in the secret and the slick machinations of the Nazi elites, particularly the SS national police force and their slick and ghastly unified and broad based propaganda campaign (cf later endtime propaganda of Revelation16,13-14 see n.2 PH479).

It had a blaspmeous 'mark of the beast' in "Heil Hitler" and "Seig Heil." 

But the allied nations rose to the challenge and understood, as best thay coudl at the time, the threat of such evil.  

And we bible based Christians, with the blessings of history and cool reflection and the Word of God, would do well to understand the rise and parallels of Hitler's Nazism with the future endtime antichrist and his future attempted worldwide regime.

This will help us keep our bible based faith and resist the social and political and spiritual blindness and conformity that allows such real and pervasive evil to go unresisted, risking the eternal souls of Israel and all the nations, and the church, ie all the world;

(NB. Nothing in this sermon-teaching is meant to judge or belittle present day Germany. In fact, it may be that Germany has learned the lessons of their wannabe empire and the unacceptable evil of such political evil, and such cultural and religious ignorance and conformity, better than any other nation. This likely leaves them better prepared to resist the endtime empire of the antichrist) 

479. Eight Seeds, Already Fertilized, For The Antichrist's Seedbeds.

As we preached at PH474 and PH475 the antichrist has his two principal seedbeds: (1) The false god of fortresses and (2) the supernatural stronghold of lawlessness that is raging in our days.

And Nazism was a third seedbed of the antichrist, a trial run for the final evil of the antichrist.

So what's left to teach about the Antichrist seedbeds? 

The Lord put it to me this way: Eight evil seeds already fertilized.

We built a soccer field in Portales NM and the seed we used had three different bermuda seed types and fertilizer to boot. Seeds and fertilizer all in one. And it was beautiful field, Naboth's field, couldn't kill it with lack of water, or tear it up, or get it wet and muddy. It made for a great and fast field.

But we human beings, unredeemed ones especially, oh we also sometimes cast not just good spiritual seeds, but bad ones too, spiritual seeds already fertilized with some sort of evil. And of course these bear bad fruit, and instead of a blessing for the glory of God and fit for the garden of Eden, and the redeemed earth, they belong in Antichrist's seed bed. And well these evil spiritual seeds are going to be raising up and heaping up so much evil that in the endtimes, satan and his antihuman, the antichrist, will seize their last best opportunity to try and bring their empire, their kingdom, their rule, by the full presence and appearance of the Antichrist. 

But take courage little flock! Even though the church is being winnowed (cf Zechariah13,8, church winnowed by lack of true faith, by the pandemic, by entertainment culture in and out of the church, or even by God's grace), we will overcome. We will overcome Satan by the blood of the lamb and the word of our testimony. We won't take his mark of the beast.

And we always have the encouragement and correction of the Word. 

As king Hezekieh said to His people when Sennacherib was about to attack Judah. 2Chronicles32,7-8 (Berean Study Bible):

"Be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid or discouraged before the the King of Assyria and the vast army with him for there is a greater One with us than with him. 8 With him is only the arm of the flesh but with us is the Lord our God to help us..."

The bible identifies eight of these all in one spiritual seeds, well eight that I can identify anyway. We'll preach 1-4 today and 5-8 next time:

1. Sometimes Jesus is knocking on the church door and we won't let him in. Rev.3,20 (And so he has to deal with us individually to give us salvation whether in church or out) And if Jesus is not there with us in church we are just making it that much easier for the antichrist and his false spirit to influence the church and try to take it over in the end, 2Th2,4;

2. Revelation16,13-14. Froggy (unclean) propaganda, pouring out of the mouth of Satan, the mouth of the antichrist beast (and His political system and his false and divisive spirit), and the false prophet  (the false church non biblically based system). These three have been building all through salvation history, in one form and expression or another, and now in our modern day these three have no problem finding so many mouthpieces in our modern world. 

What percentage of news do you think is some sort of propaganda in these modern days a) 25% b) 50% or c) 75%?

3. Refusal of some or many of political and church leaders to make difficult and righteous or just decisions.

And some, or even many, who won't really lead in a robust and comprehensive way, like the reformer King Josiah 2Kings23,1-14.

Are they deceived (Ezekiel14,9) or just cunning? Obfuscation, denial and all the rest, mendacity, who can fully know the human heart save God?

There's also dilly dallying and white washing (Ezekiel13,16-19), saying peace when there is no peace (Ezekiel13,10) and playing to the crowd, and people pleasing, and all manner of hoarding political and religious capital, but saving it for what? A rainy day? A higher office? A 'better' church?

Instead, Jesus went all out in his three year ministry. He  prophesied and taught his disciples the truth about God's salvation plan for all, sufferred hardships, and the cross, and yet was fully obedient unto the father, unto his resurrection, to his great glory and benefit of us all.

4. Hatred of prophets, and the prophetic, and Israel, and the little flock Christians, and the two witnesses;        

Matthew24,12: "Because of The Increase Of Wickedness, the love of most will grow cold." Cold love goes with a cold heart which breeds hatred and a "bitter root that defiles." Hebrews12,15;

5. Apostasy of The Faithful: leaving off a biblical faith and going back to idols. 1Timothy1,4. And God's Spirit leaves church (cfRev3,20, Jesus is knocking but He can't get in!) as did the Spirit leave the Jerusalem temple in 586BC per Ezekiel 9-11;

6. 1John4,3: spirit of Antichrist divides the church and factions arise and set in.

Clear cut doctrine becomes suspect because it's "divisive." People retreat into comfort of "my" church which might just be telling them what they want to hear. This divisive spirit weakens the truth and value of Scriptures for the whole body of Christ, robbing the body of the vitality of unity, depth and breath, and thus making the choice and acceptance of Antichrist and his divisive spirit and false teaching that much easier to accept.

What could be more devisive than the antichrist Spirit that emboldens false teachers to preach against the plain meaning of the clear cut doctrine of the Word with a straight face?

7. 2Thessalonians2,10-12: People refuse the truth of scripture (and so be saved). God allows their delusion and many will believe, if they don't already, the big lie that Jesus, Lord and savior of Israel and all the nations, can be replaced, that salvation is not exclusively through him. 

8. Seven Year Tribulation of Israel- the Antichrist appears as Satan inspires his seeming incarnation to rule world (but Antichrist is just a man), but Jesus returns with his faithful and true and institutes the millennial kingdom (Revelation19,14). 

Oh my so many evil spiritual seeds- already supernaturally fertilized- bringing anti life weeds to Antichrist's evil seedbed. But take courage little flock we have the saving and needed prophetic and even apocalyptic knowledge of the wise, Daniel12,10, of the Word, the whole Word, the whole gospel, of the saved, not the arm of the flesh, but the arm of God's Spirit! And by faith and His Spiritual strength we plan to overcome satan by the blood of the lamb, and the word of our testimony, and overcome the divisive Spirit of Antichrist in the church, and overcome the cold love of this last church age, and get raptured and then return with Jesus for the 1000 year reign. Revelation19,14.

To Him be all honor and glory and praise!


480: Empires And Wanna Be Empires fall, But Nations Are The Will Of God (2)

Draft Summary:

This sermon contuniues PH477. And it builds upon PH 476 USA Faithful As Seedbed Of Gospel, Offspring of Abraham. We must not aspire consciously or unconsciously aspire to a 'wanna be' empire status. We left the political and religious empires of Europe, to become one of the nations willed by God, after Noah obeyed God and survived the flood.

Nations are a blessing of Noah's obedience, meant to spread out and people the earth, and as such are meant also to be a means to resist empire, resist the strong men of empire, beginning with Nimrod in Genesis 10. And the antichrist of Mt24, Mk13, and Revelation13.   

Nations hear the gospel. Nations send the missionaries and only nations go into the Kingdom of God, not any type of empires! Empires always try to rival and replace God with temselves and their own leaders.

In this intro here to this second hour on this subject and under this title, we use the the brilliant American Philosopher Robert Nisbet's revealing term "Clerisy." This revealing, spiritual breakthrough term, has the obvious religious sense, but also a very revealing political sense, ie the Caesars were a ruling dual clerisy, political and religious leaders, declaring themselves gods and kings.

Nisbet nails the idea of clerisy by stating a sort of obvious truth that I had not as yet had the mental breath to see and or verbalize- that is the political was (and still is) always paramount in the West, over the religious.

This totally contadicts our Christian prophetic biblically based faith, founded by our Eastern Prophet Jesus of Nazareth. For as we all know, Jesus said "Render unto Caesar that which belongs to Caesar and to God that which belongs to Him." 

The best part of our lives, and worship and vital energies should go firstly to God! Love your God with all your heart with all your mind, and your neighbor as yourself. The religious over the political, God before and over even valid patritism to nation, God and nation before the Babylonian and ghastly human and satanic temptation to empire.

Nisbet  in this 1975 "Commentary" magazine article "The New Despotism" brilliantly reveals that a long procession of Western philosophers and intellectuals from Pericles on, through the Greek and Roman period (and I would add in the 1000 year Holy Roman Empire also) the political was preeminant over the religious, because that's where the power is in Western culture. This carries on up to the present day and reveals that the "political state" in the West again and again becomes and remains the real temple. The real power, worldly anyway, is in politics in the West. But we bible Christians know our best life and "power" and understanding is Christ in us, the hope of glory, the hope of the kingdom. Only he will rule permanently from Zion. 

We couple Nisbet's bountiful clerisy insight with Anglican Scholar Allen Brent, which we have mentioned several times on 'The Preaching Hour." He is the author of "The Imperial Cult And The Development Of The [Western] Church" (Brill 1999) which stands for highly credible notion that the Roman Empire's leaders and the initial church were immediatly gaming each other, imitating each other, so as to gain power and influence over each other, as soon what I would call the "Ignatian" or institutional-political Roman church system was born. One quick example that comes to my mind that proves Brent's notion is Roman citizens gained citizenship by birth, by the citizenship of their father. LIkewise, Roman institutional religion quickly settled into non biblical infant baptism, ie an automatic entrance into the citizenship of  the church sometimes rival and sometimes cohort of the Roman political empire and her successor. 

So likewise Ignatius with the 'letters' attributed to Ignatius supposedly actually chronicling his trek to Roman martyrdom. Thank you for your service. But we see how he is like a high palced successful visiting Roman general reviewing the various provincial troops. He is in command, visiting local bishops, promoting church order, hierarchy, and an well crafted airtight bishop led and inspired eucharistic theology, cut out of the whole cloth of Roman dual political clerisy, so as to give the institutional church a sustainable eminance. Brent's insight explains how the Ignatian-institutional-hierarchical-territoral Roman model could and would one day become the Holy Roman empire when the secular empire folded up in the 5th century. 

So, thus it was no surprise that the Western church always has gravitated toward the temple of politics and empire, and became both a mighty religious and political clerisy, because that's where the power is. This is our Western history. But Western history and the bible history and the word says nations are the will of God and that all empires fall (Revelation17 and 18).

Even up to the present day, and even in the USA when Puritan Protestants drummed out Roger innovator Roger Williams, we see that even Proetestant America sometimes tends toward church state unity and empire and colonialist thinking. Even some of the stout Protestant successors to the Puritans seem to exhibit a tendency to put politics, like the leaders of the RCC, at the center of their religious life. How did this happen? Well, when Augustine declares in the early fifth century the church the Kingdom of God and there's enough religious patina (and appropriation from biblical Israel) for the church to become the Holy Roman Empire, a political-religious temple, where all western history reveals again the political temple always trumping the religious Temple.

Look at us christians in the USA- do we spend more time listening to political propaganda and politics on the radio and tv than studying the Word and sharing the gospel?

Look at our progenitor colonial forbear peoples and nations. They had some religious aspirations (some interesting monastic flourish) but the bigger aspiration of these emerging nations was to empire, colonialism, bounty across the seas, and cheap or even slave labor, ie the political temple foremost so to speak, all seeking to rule as empires- even other "Christian" peoples-nations!

Even the good old USA in the 20th and 21th century there is this Western tendency for even religious devotees to continously exalt expansionism and various forms of conquest, to over rely on military power and prowess in foreign affairs and to overlook and explain away military and Wall Street and DC's bi partisan overreaching and financial profligacy.

All this overeach is done with the resolute mien of an age old worldly political temple clerisy, that srinkles in Christianity as needed.

A humbling return to a Christian bible based faith, and the Word being first, and the Holy Spirit guiding us, a return to putting God above nation, would stand us back in good stead with our living God.  A return to a prophetic awareness that God's Spirit is warning every nation against both any tendency to empire, and also against the globalist empire-coalition that will define the purpose of the yet to be revealed final Antichrist, who will attempt to obliterate the church being winnowed, now resisting the general apostasy of our times.

This apostasy that has been building throughout church history, a general apostasy that defines again and again the past and modern second fiddle status of Christianity in relation to Western politics. This general apsostasy will give way to the "great", or what I would call the "acute" apostasy stoked by the antichrist and his attempted empire coalition in the seven year tribulation.     

Woe dear fellow Americans and Christians! It's time to read the lessons of history and the bible about empire falling and nations as God's will, even into the kingdom of God.

It's also time to read the sign of the times, so that we too would not be swept up in the galloping apostasy of our days;

481. Eight Seeds, Already Fertilized, For The Antichrist's Seedbeds (2) 

This sermon continues PH 479. We mentioned that Antichrist in the bible and history has three principal seedbeds: 1. the false worship of the god of fortresses, whom the Antichrist, along with Satan the destroyer, will serve; 2. the mystery of lawlessness that is seen operatiing in many institutions and governments today, and in the general apostasy sweeping into churches that are not sufficiently grounded in the Word and Holy Spirit; 3. The seedbed of Hitler's Nazism- or some similar form of final totalitarian constraint- on God's peoples, nations and churches.; 4. And then the fourth of Satan's seedbed contains the varied sins and failings of us humans. Our unrepented human sins both individually and collectively give Satan and his future Antichrist a type of spiritual jurisdiction over those sins, jurisdiction that leads to a lack of true faith and will lead many into the fifth seed of this fourth of Antichrist's seedbeds, perhaps the most fatal sin of all apostasy, turning away from salvation, turning away from a living and saving faith in Jesus.

This fourth of Antichrist seed beds also contains a sixth seed- the antichrist spirit which is one of church division and which gives some leaders and other Christians to boldly proclaim doctrine that is clearly in contradiction to scripture. The sevent evil seed is the big ie and delusion of 2Thessalonians2,10-12, that Jesus and his salvation can be replaced! Oh my! The final and eighth seed in Antichrist's fourth seedbed is his stepping out into public after the bible-faith based church is raptured. At this time Satan and His man, the Antichrist, will step out and publicly bring the seven year tribulation to Israel (time of Jacob's trouble) and to those "Christians" who did not have the faith to be raptured, to meet the Lord in the air (1Thes.4,17).

Oh my dear people close to Jesus and far away. We are all going to eternally reap what we have sown!  Don't let any one of Antichrist's evil seeds bear fruit in you and those you love. Praise the NAME of Jesus we are the seedbed of the faithful, the seedbed of Jesus. And we are sowing the seeds of his and our gospel, serving him and His gospel, and we tasting even now the rich bounty of His eternal reign of Jesus, of eternal salvation with him forever. The seeds of the Jesus, the seeds of a like precious faith as Abraham will bear each of us eternal glory, eternal joy, with the beloved and saved of God! Oh praise HIm!     

482. Antichrist- "The Enemy" (NJB and NEB 2Th2,4) Against Israel And The Gospel Church.

Draft Only

By way of introduction to 'the Enemy' status of Antichrist against his two principal targets for destruction. Why "targets"? Satan throws fiery darts assaulting the faithful, the church. There is nothing more targeted than a dart right? Ephesians6,16 Antichrist is satan's man, chosen byhim because he is also going to be a person of notable focus. Well who would be his principal targets? One, Israel. Why? She is light  of the nations who brought all of us the light  of the world, Jesus. And besides, Romans11,26 says "All Israel shall be saved." And his second target would be the gospel or bible based church. Wny these two? We together, are one faithful, for we both and as a unity represent the one and only true God, the Lord God of Israel, and both represent his universal salvation. We both are not only inheriting the earth (which is a really big deal, ie the Kingdom for all the faitfhul, especially Israel), but we are both also going to partake of and eternally enjoy the New Jerusalem down from heaven. We and both, in the end together, will be enjoying the presence and leadership of Jesus and the love and bliss of all the saved for eternity.

Satan and "the Enemy" can't stand any of this, especially in the eternal salvation we will enjoy, and they won't and they know it, and 'misery wants company.' Misery always wants more people to be misrable. 

As 'the Enemy" the Antichrist will attempt to take control of Jerusalem, by standing in the holy place, that is by 'an abomination that causes desolation' (Mt24,15. cf Mk13,14, where "he" is an "it", like sets up an idol of flag or standard depicting his worldwide power and his control of Israel as his world headquarters). Then and there he will try to ruin in every possible  way the final salvation of faitfhul Israel.

But likewise as I will demonstrate with scripture (2Corinthians6,16,1Corinthians3,16, and similar to 1Peter2,5 the latter Gr. "Oikos" or gospel announcing house of God- sort like "sanctuary" of 2Th2,4 or Temple of God's people). In 2Th2,4 image, he's also going to try and enthrone himself in the body of the church too, by taking his seat as leader of it. Mt24 and Mk13 he or it stands, ie according to sacrificial leadership in the Jerusalem temple, whereas he sits in the sanctuary-temple-gospel house of the church in 2Th2,4.

Didn't all those "many antichrists" have appeared with their false doctrine regarding their no incarnation Jesus already- by way of false no incarnation doctrine- try to enthrone themselves in the church with their higher knowledge gnosticism? 

Didn't Babylonian King Nebuchanezzar try and enthrone himself so to speak and rule over Daniel and his two compatriots, ie Israel in exile, the people of faith, when he had them in captivity? Daniel4

Isn't this what Antichrist will want to do to the endtime church, just before the rapture? And after it into the tribulation? If 2Th2,4 refers to same event as Mt 24,15 and Mk13,14 then it seems Antichrist's primary target enemy is primarily Jerusalem and Israel? But how coudl this be when the church throughout its history and into the tribulation has the gospel message of salvation. And isn't the true gospel church, throughout the church age, and especially prior to the rapture, when the Antichrist could do the most damage in distracting souls from their salvation through his lies and stoking Christian apostasy from the last vestiges of its biblical faith? For as Jesus said, when I come again will I find any faith at all? 

Who is a bigger threat to the Antichrist- the true church throughout church history and just before the rapture- out preaching and teaching salvation to all- or the gentile church that might wake up in the seven year tribulation? The tribulation is more about Jacob's trouble (Jeremiah30,7), Israel's future, Israel's Kingdom of God, not so much the gentile church's trouble, which is "now" in the apocalyptic New Testament, one generation time frame, forty years within which Jesus said he would return, the time frame when souls are being won and lost before the seven year tribulation.

Why would the mostly gentile church folks who missed and dismissed and turned from the fullness of Jesus in more peaceful days turn to him and fly right and repent after the Antichrist comes a courting them with his seductive promises, signs and wonders, unto the falsely protective mark of the beast? 

So I am asking you to consider that 2Thessalonians2,4 really says that the Antichrist will try to enthrone himelf in the sanctuary of the pretribulation and post tribulation church. Why do bank robbers target banks? Because that's where the money is- why would Antichrist  want to enthrone himself in the pretrib church? Because that's where one of his real targets, already saved but subject to raging apostasy, and the build up of many antichrist's appearing and the build up of the final Antichrist too. 

Yes Jerusalem is the 'holy place' of Matthew24,15, but there is no third temple yet, whereas the sanctuary of Christianity, the Christian movement, the universal Christian temple-people already existed and still exists). Matthew24,15 was arguably fulfilled in 70AD by Titus destroying the second temple, which precipitated another Jewish uprising against Rome in 134 AD and a desolation of Israel from physical Israel for about 175-1800 years until until the Zionist pioneers returned by the grace of God. 

And the church is also a 'holy place,' a Temple, and has been a sure target of Satan's and the Antichrist spirit, and the many doctrinal antichrists have appeared for almost two thousand years. So why wouldn't the final antichrist work behind the scenes before the rapture as well as publicly thereafter?

I realize this is not the majority interpretion among pretrib rapture believing evangelicals, of which I count myself as one. I have seriously prayed over it, and studied it for 25 years, and I just can't seem seem to accept, given the Word, and given the recognition of many Christian leaders of the threatening and invasive spirit of antichrist in the church at various times, and continuously too, and in the end too. I can't seem to see clear to limit Antichrist's two principal targets only will be intensely attacked and seduced in the tribulation.

Besides Paul at 2Th2,4 is talking to the church at Thessalonica and he makes no reference to any Jerusalem holy place, but mere to the "sanctuary" where he wil try to sit and enthrone. The Jewish priesthood stood for its sacrifices whereas gentile Christian leaders sit and preside, often enough in the historic church anyway in a cathedral, the place of seat of jurisdiction and ecclesiastical power. So the future Antichrist, teh Enemy of the gospel church, will likely simulate some sort of bogus Christian faith, so as to lend credence to his claim to be king in it and over it.  

2Th.2,4, the way I see it and study it, is that the Antichrist, as "the Enemy", has a clear cut plan, against both Israel and the gospel church. Why again against the church? The church has been according to 1Peter2 the gospel house announcing the risen Lord Jesus' marvellous deeds and miracles for almost two thousand years. If the word tells us at 1John2,18 that the Antichrist is coming, and coming soon, and tells us also that many antichrists (who denied the incarnation of God in the person and man known as Jesus) have appeared,  then it stands to reason bibilically, with the Word and the Holy Ghost, that Satan and the spirit of the antichrist have always had a plan against the church, a spirit that made many doctrinal antichrists appear. So likewise the birth of and maturity of the final antichrist would be coordinating not just in the tribulation with satan and the antichrist spirit in the churches but also in the pre rapture endtimes, attempting to enthrone himself in the church. And failing that or gaining that he goes into the seven year tribulation and appears in the Holy place in Jerusalem trying to control all Israel too, politically, militarily, and religiously, ie totally.

A word here about the literal aspects of prophecy and the apocalyptic endtime relevant scriptures might help me further make this point about 2Th2,6 and the attempt of the final antichrist to enthrone himself in the church. As bible based Christian  we accept the many literal aspects of the prophetic and apocalyptic endtime teachings of the bible. Without great respect for the literal truths of the bible we too could and would fall into the trap of just spiritualizing and allegorizing and moralizing and sympathizing and religious goofiness in the name of a church and Jesus. But it can also happen that we can be so literal minded and unprophetically unexpansive, so narrow and cookie cutter if you will, so compartamentalized, in our view that we dismiss anything outside the seven year tribulation. Thereby we can forget to see the signs of the times, and potentially ignore the prophetic and apocalyptic view, that isn't always linear and time bound, that spans the entirety of church history and world history, and touches upon the entirety of scriptural wisdom.

I see this view of 2Th2,4 especially in the way the New Jerusalem bible and the NEB define the Antichrist so clearly as 'the Enemy." Other translations like the ESV and NIV suggest that the antichrist will oppose God and exalt himself etc, but I think the NJB and NEB do a better job defining him as 'the Enemy,' a real personal human, supernaturally infused and fused with evil, fused with Satan. The church at Thessalonica, a gentile city, not in Israel, perhaps even a predominantly gentile church (1Th1,9  "how you turned away from idols to serve the living and true God"), is not told about an abomination of desolation in Jerusalem. It's told by the apostle to the gentiles about a final Antichrist (likely a gentile apparent or simulated believer) trying to take over the church.     

My bigger point here is we can sort of make the final antichrist and his attempted reign in the tribulation an isolated literal event, a too in-the-future-event, a too post rapture event, a too novel and seprated from prior church experience, and too seemingly intense for any relatable prior happenstance, as if the attacks of prior doctrinal antichrists, and prior and present antichrist spirit that has been discerned and tested in the church for almost 2000 years were not in any way comparable to the work of the actual final antichrist who only will operate and be seen in the last seven years before Jesus institutes the Kingdom of God.

Not so!

Israel has sufferred really intense similar "Antichrist" ie antisemitic persecution throughout her history in 568 BC in 164 BC in 70 AD in 134 AD in 1930s Europe. And the true prophetic church has also suffered intense antichrist persecution in terms of martyrdoms and divisions. Church and world history, and the Word, and the Spirit, and common sense all tell us that the antichrist spirit, of "the Enemy," was at work right away in and against Israel and right away in the church up and up to and into the present day

The false and divisive antichrist spirit has been seen, tested and discerned thoroughout the ages, and has been building, heaping up, throughout the ages. Revelation 13 posits seven such false worldy kings throughout salvation history and we should all (even pretrib rapture expectant evangelicals) should be ready for the seventh worldy king, who will likely claim some strange right to be something and someone he is not. But we know as the word says He is 'the Enemy' of both Israel and the gospel bible based church.     

The above is in draft form only.