Just a Christian


Each person we meet can be an inspiration. Everyday interactions reveal others' inner spirit, and their devotion to God.

Back in the day preaching such as 'Love the Jews And Learn About Jesus.' Predicacion en espanol tambien.


We profess the doctrine of the bible, and aim to live it, but there's nothing quite so life changing as recognizing the voice of Jesus.
The great Apostle John G. Lake demonstrates the logic of faith.


Have you asked Jesus anything using His NAME? How about calling on Jesus' name in adult faith kingdom baptism and making your faith covenant with him? Contact us today!
John G. Lake- one of the greatest luminaries of faith ever- once said "I want you to sympathize with God. I want you to catch the vision of the ordinary Christian conception. ..."
Miracles are still happening! Signs and wonders still happen.If you or a loved one has cancer or other illness, or just need prayer, or a hospital visit, don't hesitate to call: 203.200.9177. Prayer for Christians, non Christians, whomever.
Turner Classic Movies: "Young Savages" with Burt Lancaster and Shelley Winters.
Experiencing Jesus or arguing about Him?


As Gene Scott used to say, 'faith is 90% courage and 10% trust.' The film "3:10 To Yuma" is about courage.


Are you looking for a "place" to land in life? Land on Jesus-then build on Jesus. This will be the best decision you ever make! If you need help with this decision contact us.
Seeing the exalted light of Jesus on the other side of the veil.
Ten Life Changing Acts of faith For The New Year. Will you be faithing or fainting in 2023?
Are you ready for your adult baptism? Have you started to read food labels?
Jesus- the Word- has answers. We pray for each and every eternal soul- that all would be saved and live with Jesus forever. Question N. 1 Calling priests "father"? Nobody at the Jerusalem council in about 48 AD had any title at all, let alone the honorary and the non biblical and hierarchical title that Jesus specifically prohibited! But the local pastor, James, having jurisdiction in Jerusalem, ruled that gentiles did not have to be circumcised to become Christians. Acts15,19ff. The testimony of all scripture is that following the Word of God and respecting the Lord's teachings always brings blessings.
It's free to sponsor 'The Preaching Hour' in your neck of the local Public Access TV woods! So you and your friends can learn the freedom and joy of bible based salvation. Contact us today.
Faith Brings Us Past The Limits of Fear.
Hey fellow pilgrims- is Jesus' voice first in our lives?
Blessings upon Montpelier's Summit School Of Traditional Music in Jesus' Name we pray.
The faith of Spiritual hunger is creative and brings the rightful desires of our heart to pass- regardless of the obstacles! Oh Lord Jesus bring forth the congregation of Zion Pentecost- tell them of the great plans you have for Zion Pentecost Mission! In Jesus' Holy NAME I pray.
Should we keep the Sabbath? (which is and always will be a Saturday) Should we worship on Saturday?
Mark Twain, American truth teller From CT, don't you know!
Here's another song for our faith journey unto Zion- a call to worship for Zion Pentecost Mission!
What do YOU individually say about Jesus? Do we each have the faith for excellence?
Experiencing God's people God's Way is the best way.
Some are loving and zealous and others sleepy?
Joyce Carol Oates' "The (Other) You Stories" (Harper 2021) is a brilliant narrative between the realized "you", for better or worse, and the "you" that might have been, for better or worse.
"You shall not hate..." with youtube link for "Hatred Is A Bitter Root That Defiles" Will hatred devour our culture?


Israel is depicted in the bible as God's turtledove, upon whom he looks with love.
Text of recent memorial service for 28 beloved departed of Dartmouth class of 1983


King David learned the wisdom of sharing the spoils of his victories.
The Book of Ruth teaches never to give up on Godly love. VCAM Video too!
A. Luther says; B. the Vatican says; C. Jesus says?
Emmylou's and God's unrelenting creativity.
Patience of a good husband, father and fisherman raises ordinary love up to the level of God where it belongs.
Is our "faith" overcoming the world?


The Southington Blue Knights Battle Norwich Free Academy for Class LL large school football title: today, Saturday November 13,2014 6pm at Veterans Stadium, New Britain, CT.
And find us, and then heal us.
Distracted and frazzled? Try one faith decision at a time. (updated!)


Bernard Malamud's 'Black Is My Favorite Color"
You and I ought to know by now.
In all the languages of the earth, God's final people will sing to the NAME of Yeshua, Jesus. (bilingue)
Psalm 46 commands us to "Be still" like once a day.


The Holy Ghost and great art trains our eye.
The one you actually will pick up and read.
Democrats and Republicans or faithers first?
Frank Frangipane knows that there is more than a first stage of faith.
Loving First Is Godly Wise.
Praise Jesus for the positive Superbowl ads about caring.
Congrats to the U.S. Women's National Soccer Team On Your World Cup Victory.


Praise Jesus for His care for all of us and teaches us how to care. I have a dear friend who went home to be with the Lord a few years back and there was no doubt that she cared for all souls, lost or found, in whatever condition. And she began almost every prayer in her powerful and miraculous healing prayer ministry with "Father God...." She always knew how much God cared for her and for others. She always knew how much Jesus had done for her, and for all of us, and that he never stops caring. "Father God we ask that you heal our brother and our sister....in the mighty name of Jesus!"



Preaching Hour TV weekly on Cox PATV Channel 15 in Cheshire, Southington and Meriden CT and on VCAM Channel 15 10pm Fridays in Burlington VT.



Tobin Hitt is the founder of the Zion Pentecost Mission. He is open to gospel partnership with all, and identifies with Paul's description of our mission as ambassadors for our king, Jesus, urging all to reconcile with God (2Cor.20-21). He resides in Cheshire, Connecticut.