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The Lord's Supper Revived

Reflections On Reviving The Lord's Supper from Vatican Dogmatism and Protestant Neglect.

Reviving The Lord's Supper from Vatican Dogmatism And Protestant Neglect: Introduction to an ongoing 42 part series. We invite the freedom loving and bible believing churches of Africa- and everywhere- to join ZPM in this important ministry to provide real food and real drink to all God's people!
We learn to burn up by the power of the Holy Ghost at the Lord's Supper (T1)
The former table of the Lord's presence is our new table of the Lord's Supper whereby we feast on the bread of his presence. Exodus25,30
We're going to the table of Lord hungry for the antidote bread and the antidote cup- sprinkled with the Holy Ghost. (T3)
At the table of the Lord we- His gospel and priestly people- pause for His rich supper. (T4)
Tale of Two Cups- Victory Cup of Jesus Or the Cup of the World. (bilingue T5)
How about finding hidden manna and grasping the cup of salvation at the table of Lord with Br. Tobin?
At the table, the 5th cup of Elijah's presence is now the eternal cup of Jesus' presence. (T7 Bilingue)
Are we coming to the table of the Lord clean?. (T8)
Any scout is prepared for supper on the journey- are we prepared for our Lord's Supper? (T9)
Scripture study, baptism in the Holy Ghost, and prayer helps prepare us for the Lord's Supper. (T10)
The Four Fruits Of the Revived Lord's Supper. (T11 Bilingue)
1Corinthians 15,44 says we have a spiritual body and this "temple" feasts on the real Spiritual food and drink of the Lord's Supper.
Our faithful offering and faithful blessing of the bread and wine brings our faithful Holy Ghost communion with God. (T13)
The Lord's Supper is a Spiritual sacrifice (1Peter2,5) so the revival of it begins. (T14 bilingue)
God has always fed us supernaturally- so likewise at his table today. (T15 bilingue)
What is the miracle- or not- at the Lord's Supper according to the Vatican, Calvin, Zwingli, Luther and Zion Pentecost Mission? (T16)
Hanging on the Table of the Lord Expecting Healing (T17)
Who can preside at the Table of the Lord? Are you ready for biblical teaching that does more than espouse symbols or denominational dogmas?
When are you coming 'home' to the Lord's Supper as celebrated in the bible?(T19)
Two Vermonters Called To Celebrate The Lord's Supper. Jesus knows you and loves you and wants you to be part of a revived bible based (not dogma or symbols based) Lord's Supper.
If the Passover Seder meal was communal, why were there no women at the 'last supper'?
Jesus who was once incarnated in physical body now provides his risen Spiritual flesh body (1Corinthians15,44-45) by our blessing and His blessing at the table of the Lord. Are you ready for something besides pastor centric catechisms and Sunday school symbols?
Like the disciples on the way to Emmaus- do you know the Lord in the breaking of the bread at his table?
Jesus must be in the church building before He's at His supper therein.
At the Lord's Supper a blessing from us and God does just fine- a conversation with a Southern Baptist pastor.
Bread from heaven and a woman named Prisca at the table in Rome? As one new gospel priesthood we all bless the bread and wine at our new Passover Seder where we all receive real food and drink from heaven.
The table of the Lord is about bread and wine blessed by us and Jesus unto "real food" and "real drink." Dogma has nothing to do with it and any symbolism is merely secondary.
I'm not hungry for dogmas or symbols! At the table the risen Jesus- slain from the foundation of the world- intercedes with His ever flowing Spiritual blood, John19,34. AND feeds us REAL food and REAL drink! 1Corinthians10,3-4. If you would like Br. Tobin to teach you this bible based and revived celebration of the Lord's Supper, please contact us.
Like Aaron's branch and the resurrection of Jesus, the bread and wine come alive at the Lord's Supper. This biblical Lord's supper will change the way we look at church.
Seven times the bible relates actual bread and actual, Spirit to spirit, communion between God and man. So, God doesn't feed us symbols at the supper but real bread from heaven, his risen body and blood.
At the Lord's supper, our blessing calls down His blessing, the risen fire of Jesus into the bread and wine.
At the Lord's Supper Jesus' Spiritual blood still flows. Br. Tobin is available for counsel if you want to start celebrating a renewed and biblically based Lord's Supper: 203.200.9177.
1Cor.15,39: "All flesh is not the same" - so at the table we feed on Jesus' risen flesh, which has both his risen body and risen "blood" in it.
The risen lamb's Spiritual blood still flows- still sprinkled by our blessing and His blessing at the table.
Is nothing sacred? How about everything related to the Lord's Supper.
The Lord's Supper tests our faith in Jesus as our eternal God in risen "flesh."
The resurrected Lord, in a different form, a Spiritual form, is at the table of the Lord.
The Word became flesh in the incarnation, and the bread and wine by our blessing here on earth and Jesus' blessing from heaven become the risen Word-risen flesh, risen blood at the table of the Lord.
The Bread of Life Showdown- according to 1Corinthians10,16.
Not by might nor by power but by His Spirit Aaron's rod budded and bore real food, likewise the blessed bread and wine yield real food and drink.
Copy of email-word to General Superintendent of the Assemblies of God regarding a revived and bible based Lord's Supper.
"This is my body" refers not just to His Calvary body, His physical body, given once and for all, which no longer exists, but also His resurrected body, the one from which we enjoy the real food and real drink at His table.



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Tobin Hitt is the founder of the Zion Pentecost Mission. He is open to gospel partnership with all, and identifies with Paul's description of our mission as ambassadors for our king, Jesus, urging all to reconcile with God (2Cor.20-21). He resides in Cheshire, Connecticut.