Just a Christian

Just A Christian

Thirty seven years ago my life changed by faith (confidently acting on the promises of God) and the baptism of the Holy Ghost that comes with a bible based faith. Since then I'm always hoping to catch myself, or someone else, in the act. You see faith is like voting. Not much changes just being registered.

"as the Lord assigned to each one." Vimeo video link too.
Oh dear "Christian" - Jesus got baptized- as an adult! But not you? What does your conscience say about that? The Word commands it- but only you can make the right and biblical choice! Adult baptism- the best faith decision I have ever made- after faith itself that is- what a difference, what added strength and purpose.
At ZPM and 'The Preaching Hour' we are glad to serve up the gospel of Jesus to all peoples, cultures, and races. Entonces hispanos son alegramente invitados juntar y empezar algo nuevo, biblico, y bonito con Hr. Tobin y Mision De Sion Pentecostes con alabanza y predicacion en su idioma y con su musica. 203.200.9177 The spokesperson for Zion Pentecost Mission and 'The Preaching Hour' is Br. Tobin Hitt
Here's a little song to bless us on our way.
Praise Jesus the Lord has kept my faith eyes on His watering the supernatural seed of Zion Pentecost Mission unto fruitful local congregational worship wherever He pleases. So with this hopeful Spirit in mind I thought I would condense our teachings on salvation into one document. Feel free to contact me with questions- and offers to join up with Zion Pentecost Mission- ten people is what Israel calls a "minyan"- -what we call a quorom- ten people and we will do it- wherever the Lord says- and then we'll have some church the way it ought to be! Br. Tobin 2032009177
Have you entertained angels unawares?
Sometimes short stories make better sermons than sermons do.


It's almost that time of year! Entertaining angels over SHS softball field on Pleasant Street in Southington CT.
Both husband and wife are made in the image and likeness of God.


Creen Uds Que Jesus Tiene Cuidado? Oh yes Jesus cares: "His eye is on the sparrow" Civilla D. Martin, 1905, cf Psalm32,8.
From one faith step to the next, we accept His word unto living Jesus' new interior law in us. Christianity is faithful and merciful but not lawless! We must resist falling under the Antichristian spirit of lawlessness!
37 years a Christian and still the same question?
Bible based salvation is not about catchy slogans or old man-made dogmas or modern shortcuts but three timeless memorable faith milestones for everyone. Have you received all three?
Is your personal covenantal relationship with Jesus signed and sealed by your very own, free choice, adult baptism?
Our abiding theme is faith readiness and seeing more of God's word coming true and alive.
Trying To Be A Christian Before Having A Human Heart?


Our new normal calls for a new church normal! Here's our vision and purpose for ZPM.
In this time of blessing and covenantal growth and healing, Br. Tobin Hitt and Zion Pentecost Mission needs free will offerings to keep on keeping on with our gospel service to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Send checks to 1113 Waterbury Road Cheshire CT. 06410 (A donated car would be nice- even preachers and prophets need to be mobile.) Thank you for your past and present generosity!


Hosanna to Jesus means "Call no man father" or "Lord," or "Reverend."
There no such thing as a half way sacrifice or a half way Christian!
It's time and past time for your adult full immersion water baptism. This bible based water baptism points us to the covenant fullness and depth of our mature identity in Jesus. Contact us for yours today!
Do you sit on fence when God is doing something new? Could be here in CT or wherever the Lord says!
William M. Branham (1909-1965) was to 20th century preaching what Frank Capra (1897-1991) was to 20th century American film-making.
It you have cancer or other illness, or an addiction, fervent and faithful prayer brings miarcles (203.200.9177).
Another year resolutions, stress, poor relationships- perhaps you are ignoring the obvious- as in your need for a savior?


Jesus' resurrection invites new believers to believe in HIM first and above all others . Our first steps in faith are very important! (video link too).
Lauren Daigle is bringing gospel music to new heights. She has this great faith that is both fixed on God and expansive to her audience on stage (sort of like the renown Evangelist of old Kathleen Kuhlman did as she preached and summoned folks to receive healing). Lauren is both present to thousands of people- while at the same time- she sings just for Jesus. Praise God!


Updated teaching about the hesitance of some Christians to join a church that follows the Word and is also led by the Spirit of God. Have you received the gift of the Spirit according to Acts2,39?
You get some strange and galled reactions to the phrase "start a church."
1John2,18-27 tells of the apostasy of folks who knew right from the beginning that Jesus was the Lord God of Israel in the flesh, but didn't love Him enough to stay. Youtube Video Link too.
Se Habla Jesus- Ocho Definiciones Del Bautizo En El Espiritu


We're restoring the full number of offices in the body of Christ, and have no plans to silence women.


It takes a while but finding our voice is a beautiful thing.
Don't bonk, or turn back, before you finish your ride.
Oh that we would never forget the supernatural brotherhood and sisterhood of our saving faith, and never minimize the one supernatural fellowship of our faith- as evidenced in the Book of Acts. In Jesus NAME I pray.


Imagine if we were all just "Christians."
Cliches are no fun- but yes life gets better after accepting these faith cliches.
Oh that we would never forget the supernatural brotherhood and sisterhood of our saving faith, and never minimize the one supernatural fellowship of our faith- as evidenced in the Book of Acts. In Jesus NAME I pray.
I recommend Steven Waldman's 2019 book "Sacred Liberty" (HarperOne) This book fits the principal reason we Americans should all be thankful for our freedom to be faithful, or not, ie always free from the governmental interference of any state religion. Praise Jesus for this freedom- and for freedom Jesus set us free!


What's the measure of your mercy? When Jesus comes again with he find any faith and mercy?
Boxer Roberto Guerero contends for the faith.
All the New Testament builds upon the Hebrew scriptures. Do you want to learn the bible?


The collar makes the collarperson.
Lying gossip and envy put Jesus on the cross.
Jesus is not a control freak. But do Churches try to control folks? See the link at the end of this post about "The Nicolaitans" from Revelation2,6 and 15.
Now don't get defensive, here's a little Biblical and Apostolic doctrine in contrast to the overstuffed doctrinal museum of Christendom or the slim pickings of some modern Protestant-ish faith.


A bruised reed he shall not break- there is help for your marriage.
Sometimes even lawyers need help.
Keep to the right except to pass!
"When They The Golden Bells" (Daniel de Marbelle, 1887) will we have the faith to reach "the sweet forever." Who exquisitely reprised this song in her 2012 album?
Have we made our present faith too easy? In other words, do we call ourselves bible believers before we either profess- or even attempt to live- the whole gospel?
Saved By Giving Us A Cup Of Cold Water.
Who will win this year?
We pray for peace on the streets of Jerusalem.
Stop Picking On My Little Brother "Pentecostal"
Flying "Bishops" And New England Anglicans Starting Over.
What are YOU waiting for? Get your adult baptism- for your dear and eternal soul. CONTACT US TODAY!
Satan has only so many pitches and seven remedies in spiritual warfare.


Never again Shoah! "Blessed are those who mourn- they shall be comforted"- with a messiah. Yes "The Lord will comfort Zion." (Isaiah51,3) The devil and his team can't steal Israel's God given purposes and joy!
Are you ready for your adult baptism in Jesus Name?
Without the Spirit we are none of His. "It is the Holy Ghost or perish."


Godly love is daily love.
Our hearts and prayers go out to Catholic community in Meriden CT who face school closures.
Happy Motorist-Happy Cyclist means we watch out for each other. This post might be an apt metaphor for the state of our culture in the good old USA.
William Branham to the bride "Quit your nonsense. Just get down to business with God, 'cause it's later than you think."
Western Christendom took our biblical faith and made it firstly philosophical, rational and intellectual (oops)- whereas the bible says that God made humanity in His Spiritual image and likeness. God is SPIRIT (Jn4,24) so we humans- made in his image and likeness- are firstly Spiritual too. Not firstly philosophical-rational-intellectual but restored- by faith- to His Spiritual image and likeness. (5 minute read with YouTube link)


Character Counts But Faith Comes First
The one 'holy man' is Christ in us, the hope of Glory.


If two unlit candles were arguing about what it means to be a candle, would anyone see any light?
Has sex politics caused schism in the church?


Sometimes just clinging to being human with whatever strength we can muster is what following Jesus is about.
"So those who received his word were baptized, and there were added that day about three thousand souls." Acts 2,41
When the bride stops preaching and the mark of the beast.
There's more to faith than profession- there is an actual SPIRITUAL rebirth!
Are there passages of scripture that it takes a prophet to explain?
Once we understand the "Nicolaitan" (Greek, to dominate the laity) nature of the Ephesian church age (the first of seven (Revelation2-3), we understand the whole of church history.
Righteousness comes by way of actual faith not by our material possessions.
Faith in Jesus or faith of Jesus?
The Apostle Paul said "for freedom Christ set us free." This freedom gospel is what The Preaching Hour brings to CT, New England, and to the ends of the earth..
What one of a kind iconic American folk artist sang "When are you going to wake up and strengthen the things that remain?"
Revelation1,20 A "star" or angel messenger- sent to each age of the church.
How did non biblical hierarchy come to be in the Christian Church? (Not from Ephesians4,10-11)
At Ephesus in the first century clerics tried to dominate the laity (Revelation2,6, in the first or Ephesian Church Age). This only was successful over the history of the church with the union of church and state at the council of Nicaea in 325AD. God's people thereby lost custody of the Word of God.
Do business values dominate your church?
William Branham tells of the Lord's Leadership Preparation Of Moses.
The world tells us to get into its spirit, but God tells us to get into His Spirit. Acts2,38.
How does God make ministers for the gospel? Anyway He wants.
Br. Branham loved and served all people. But his faith obligation, to God Himself, led him to preach about the non biblical Nicolaitan church system that still controls much of "Christianity."


Being On the Church board is firstly a respionsibility not an honor.
First, we'll finish up our four part study on the Book of Ruth, a beautiful love story about a Moabite gal espoused to Zion's future bridegroom. 8pm Tuesdays, like today!


We'll dedicate your babies and baptize you as an adult. (Bilingue)
Sometimes a voice outside the loop might help when starting a church.
It's Southington versus Amity for Class LL High School Softball and Baseball Championships
Do you know someone who needs prayer to overcome cancer?


Marriage mediation before boarding the divorce train.


Jesus Cares Inside and Outside The Church.



Preaching Hour TV weekly on Cox PATV Channel 15 in Cheshire, Southington and Meriden CT and on VCAM Channel 15 10pm Fridays in Burlington VT.



Tobin Hitt is the founder of the Zion Pentecost Mission. He is open to gospel partnership with all, and identifies with Paul's description of our mission as ambassadors for our king, Jesus, urging all to reconcile with God (2Cor.20-21). He resides in Cheshire, Connecticut.