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God has instructions for us on the most complicated and difficult faith and family and social and global issues. The solution is to look in His Word and forward to the peace of Zion.

Cruelty (ie bullying) is an evil human temptation.
The good old USA is not honor bound to a here-a war-there-a-war-foreign-policy. I pray all nations of the world here in 2022 are entering into a wiser and more peaceful time period than when this article was written back in August of 2013.
Joe Lueken loves his employees as himself. What is an ESOP?


Is your church building the city of God or man? God-Word-Holy Ghost inspired or Babylon inspired?
There are drivers out there in our "modern" and "progressive" age who won't stop for anything- which sort of sounds like our U.S. foreign policy.
Asking Someone-GOD- before going to war. Does any nation do this?
"Beware of the bear and any false peace with Russia and Syria."


The Lord is counting the flock, knows our names and phone numbers. (But Br. Tobin doesn't!) Perhaps you are ready for worship and preaching that tastes- in a good way- a little different? Perhaps you are finally ready to make your decision for Jesus. If so, let us know! And with 10 people- we'll do something beautiful for the glory of our Lord and Savior Jesus and His kingdom. And we will also supernaturally experience first hand our ever new bible based faith! Oh what a great God we have- His mercy is new every morning, every season, and in ever age of history. Don't miss out on your salvation- don't miss out on knowing Jesus, don't miss out on His call for you and your family. Call 2032009177


Will the multinational corpos hire or hoard? Pay living wages? Why are so many fast food places understaffed?


An era of worldwide overreach- when will it end? Now it appears to be Russia's turn.
U.S.A. and Europe's money can't buy world's love.
A star over Jerusalem (at Jesus' birth) guided the Arab world to Jesus, to Isa.


An era of overreach- this post was written back in 2012- but when will it end?


4.23.11: Proverbs 12,11- "He who tills his own land will be satisfied with bread, but he who pursues worthless things lacks sense." This word is long overdue to be fulfilled- but praise God we are learning this message in God's due time. Btw we all want more "green" energy but is oil imported into the good old USA for consumption more virtuous than oil produced here for consumption?


We're inheriting the millennial kingdom of God, in historical time, centered in Israel and ruled by Jesus from there ie the millennial on EARTH! Not just getting to heaven prior to the millennial, cf Zechariah14,5. If we let this sink in, our whole viewpoint on God, and his eternal purposes, and His eternal scriptures, and His eternal love for His chosen people Israel, will be expanded and clarified. BTW Christendom was never the kingdom of God!
Health care is now 19% of our economy?! Why did we let one issue completely change our entire system of government? States are not playthings of the federal government! Yes kick it back to the states- let the states lead and mandate the way to fair and cost effective health care- in keeping with the way our political system was designed. How much has semi- nationalized health care contributed to inflation?
Wake up good old USA- we are nothing more or less than the faithful seed of Abraham- not a new Israel, not an empire, not a nation builder.
Holy Ghost gifts and experiences help us serve others.


Four words between Feb. 2009 and Jan. of 2013 on Isaiah 18 about letting God correct the USA. And isn't the UN supposed to be against war? Dear fellow Americans, fellow denizens of the good old USA, born in freedom and fleeing the potentate wars and religious strife of Europe, Afghanistan is a correction!
Given the Coronavirus it's time again to consider if plagues come from God or nature? (Is there a plague of false brethren in the church? But now more than ever we need fellowship of committed brothers and sisters- especially now- when the world, the devil and flesh doesn't just want to shout us down, but also shut us down!)
Monsanto v. Bowman and God as first seed maker. Levitcus19,19: "Do not plant your field with two kinds of seeds." Thought for the day: The good faith seed of creation-Eden-Eve (Gn.3,15) will be the sweet fruit of our millennial reign! (Rv.20,4) Praise Jesus!
Since Noah God ordained nations- unto the millennial Kingdom- then Jesus takes over governing the nations. Psalm22,28 Nations should work out their differences. No various and sundry empires need arise out of any various and sundry nations, please!
Revelation speaks of God's end-time purpose to save Israel, conduit for the light and salvation of all nations.
Denominational uniforms, 3rd-grade catechisms and Sunday school- or the precepts of the living Word?
A prophetic word for the Assemblies of God- a Lord's supper that blesses down the real Spirit to spirit communion of 1Corinthians10,16. Millions of souls in the balance. Do you see son of man-woman of God?
Re. Iran and Middle East policy. Zechariah12,5: "The strength of the inhabitants of Jerusalem lies in Yahweh Saboath their God." NJB
Or the name of a denomination... they are well received, but what about in the Name of Jesus?
A closed religious circle put Jesus on the cross.
Closeness to the Lord keeps the seasoning savour of salvation in our lives.
How much national defense is too much?
Veil number 1: The politics and business first church is the False Prophet of Revelation.


With Russia's Ukraine war gambit, the Lord brought me again to Ezekiel38,2:
We pray in Jesus Name that cool heads and diplomacy and humanitarian aid prevail in the Ukraine crisis. (This article was written in 2012)


The Eighth King of Revelation17,11?
Are we Yanks learning to pay tribute to Lord's of finance?
Every Pol His or Her Own Religious Idaho?


The fiery vision that birthed Zion Pentecost Mission.


"Mississippi Shrinking", 3rd in the four part Isaiah 18 series.
Jesus alone will make the kingdoms of this world into His Zion kingdom.
That should have us devouring the living word of God- Isaiah31,8 says Syria will not fall by the sword of any mere human being.
It's all about freedom! Author John Barry on Roger Williams' founding of Providence: "For a man such as he to omit all mention of God underscored his absolute conviction that to assume that God embraced any state other than ancient Israel profaned God and signified human arrogance in the extreme."
What's a "Nicolaitan" according to Revelation 2,6 and 15? One who tries to conquer and fleece the people of God. Vintage video links and updated text, and even some much needed spelling corrections!
This is an important consitutional-biblical teaching for Zion Pentecost Mission
Are you in the Temple yet, ready to be counted? Can't you see son of Man, Woman of God?
Even the most powerful must trust in God!


Two thousand years of true faith or false faith: the risen Jesus on the white horse of salvation-judgment or a christendom conqueror on a false white horse.
Could anything be better than heaven? How about a redeemed earth? VCAM video links too.
In this era of hyper change- what principles will we in the good old USA live by?
Pride is limitless hole, but humility a lifeline.


Beware of false peace regarding Russia, Syria and Israel.
Are we building up Him or ourselves?
The Pruning of America has begun.


Do the ends justify the means here in the good old USA? Back to square one on health care debate here again in 2017.


It's time to break up Wall Street- Bernie's right on this issue.
What if our creditors suddenly stand up?
Our U.S. military overreach hangover is no reason to overreach again.
Could we the people get a word in here?
From Food Stamps To Gas Vouchers



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Tobin Hitt is the founder of the Zion Pentecost Mission. He is open to gospel partnership with all, and identifies with Paul's description of our mission as ambassadors for our king, Jesus, urging all to reconcile with God (2Cor.20-21). He resides in Cheshire, Connecticut.