Table of Lord Meditation N. 2

Spiritual Bread-Risen Body Shown To Us Then Eaten

When we eat the blessed bread we do so having been invited, even commanded, to come close to him (to taste and see Him), to partake of His personal bread, the bread of His presence, literally "the loaves of the face" (Exodus 25,30; NJB, Doubleday, note "J", 1985, p. 113).

It's not as if God ever needed bread shown to Him or brought to Him, but we need His bread shown and brought to us!

And at the table of the Lord, by faith, both these miracles happen.

Ballpark Scriptures:

One new priesthood offers a new Spiritual sacrifice (1Peter2,5)

Focus Scriptures:

Exodus 25,30: "and on the table, in my presence, you will always put the loaves of permanent offering."

Psalm 17,15: "As for me, I will behold thy face in righteousness: I shall be satisfied when I awake, with thy likeness."

Psalm 24,6: "This is Jacob [Israel], the generation of those who seek Him, who seek Your face."

Matthew 12,1-6: As David's men were allowed to eat this "showbread", normally reserved to the Temple priests, while on a secret mission on behalf of the King (1Samuel21,5), so Jesus and His disciples on His mission were allowed to pick and eat grain on the Sabbath.

How's that?

Because greater than the presence of God in the Temple, or its physical majesty, or the Temple rules, was the One standing in front of them, Jesus.

And that One who provided for them, now commands that we eat his risen bread, his risen presence!


The bread brought close to God, shown to His face of Exodus 25,30, by faith, shared with him so to speak, now becomes His Spiritual body brought close to us, shown to us, and then given to us to eat.

This bread of table fellowship is an invitation for all of us to look upon the "face" of God, just as the Apostles did at the last supper.

To look upon someone's face at a meal is about as close as you can get. You need a mutual love, a mutual patience and respect, and a generosity of Spirit for this kind of fellowship.

Just as Jesus' hungry missionaries ate the grainĀ (Matthew 12,1-6), face to face with their incarnated savior-God, so each of us eats today at this table, close enough to Him to look upon His "face," close enough to be fed by Him at his table (John6,53: "Unless you eat the [spiritual-blessed] flesh of the son of Man...).


In your mighty and precious NAME Jesus - we pray that you would give all your people the confidence to once again heed your invite and your command to fellowship with you at the table, to see this fellowship afresh, according to your word.

That we would hunger for you, and then seek you at the table and see and receive you here.

In Jesus NAME we pray.

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Tobin Hitt is the founder of the Zion Pentecost Mission. He is open to gospel partnership with all, and identifies with Paul's description of our mission as ambassadors for our king, Jesus, urging all to reconcile with God (2Cor.20-21). He resides in Cheshire, Connecticut.