Knowing Our Roots in Zion and That There's More To Come

 Zion Pentecost Mission seeks to be a source of inspiration for all peoples concerned about: 

1. the future salvation of Israel when God, amidst the advance of nations against his people, pours out a “spirit of grace and prayer” and Israel looks upon “the one they have pierced.” (Zechariah 12,10, Rev. 1,7).
God is preparing his first people to look upon Christ in faith, for salvation, not for negative judgment. This is proved by Revelation 11 which prophecies two Jewish witnesses- with faith in Jesus- testifying about salvation in Jerusalem to their own people.
God has re-gathered the nation of Israel fulfilling Jeremiah 16,15: “I shall bring them back to the very soil I gave their ancestors."
ZPM wants to educate the mainstream body of Christ that God has not forgotten Israel- because her call and election are irrevocable (Romans 11,29).
2. the need for us Christians in the mainstream body (non Jewish Christians) to protect our own salvation from apostasy by knowing more about the unfulfilled prophetic promises to Israel and to ourselves.
ZPM ministry in no way shape or form wants to be critical of the mainstream body of Christ, but how healthy can our gentile branches be if we do not realize that we get life from the root of the tree which is Israel? Romans11,18. We the branches share the root of their patrimony- their promises, their blessings, their scriptures. We are discovering that there is much life in understanding and these particular promises, blessings and scriptures. One discovers an expanded vista of present and future revelation and understanding.
Another way describe this protection of our salvation would be to consider what Christ meant by “not everyone who has cried ‘Lord, Lord’ will be saved.” (Mt. 7,21, Lk. 6,4)
Could it be that faith for some of us in the mainstream body of Christ has become too easy, too simple, to the point where we think “Lord, Lord” and an occasional visit to church is going to sustain our salvation?
Meanwhile, God is pouring great grace upon the mainstream body to put aside Anti-Semitism and learn more about our faith’s sustaining Zion root because “salvation is from the Jews” (Jn.4.22). We non Jewish Christians are sort of like the Samaritan women before Jesus. We worship God, yes, but we may not know and understand enough about Him and our Zion base to do so in Spirit and in truth.
To know more about our particular Messiah from this Zion base perspective would help us worship according to His ways, aware of His future promises, and according to the full revelation of salvation to His first people- according to the truth and the Spirit.
At the time Christ tried to bring the kingdom the first time, you could say most of Israel had the truth as revealed by God up to that time, but not the Spirit. (Cf. Ez11,19)
During 2000 years what became mainstream Christianity has sometimes had the Spirit, and some of the truth, but since the first days when the faith was lived by the “Nazarenes” -messianic Jews- it has not had the proper measure of both.
Now after 100 or so years after the Pentecostal movement began, and sixty years after Israel was reborn in a day, there is hunger for both the fullness of the truth and the fullness of the Spirit. This hunger can only be satisfied by knowing more about our root sustenance, the source of our salvation, which is from the Jews. Again we in the mainstream body of Christ are a little like the Samaritan woman- we have been told salvation is of the Jews, and we now know there is something more to that.
To wit, this hunger for the fullness of truth and the Spirit is today expressed among the mainstream body studying the Hebrew Biblical- Messianic perspective, which defined the primitive church of Paul and Peter. Many churches celebrate the seven festivals of the Jews as part of their worship year. Many scholars are going back to the unfulfilled promises to Israel and to gentile Christians. Many Christians are seeing the entire word- the “old” and the “new” come alive for the first time.
It is this hunger that ZPM wants to spread.
This hunger is presented in biblical prophecy as the very interesting situation of non Jews in the last days seeking out the wisdom and the knowledge of a dispersed Jew coming back to Israel. Yes this chapter 8 of Zechariah is full of promises that are coming true today! God has taken back Jesus’ curse of the fig tree-Israel (Mt. 21,19).
Zechariah 8,15: “I have changed my mind and intend to treat Jerusalem and the house of Judah well. Do not be afraid”
See also, among many other passages, Ezekiel 36,4ff where God shows his jealousy for Israel by bringing her back, protecting her, and making her fruitful again.In this day of grace, this last 120 years, God rescued his people through Zionism (Ez. 36,8-12), and made them a nation again in 1948.
We non Jews have seen what is happening. We want to be part of it. We want to understand it and we seek the abundant life it is giving us.
We have seen the coming salvation of Israel, and we at ZPM are enthusiastic to know more. Zechariah 8,23: “In those days, ten men from nations of every language will take a Jew by the sleeve and say: “We want to go with you, since we have learned that God is with you.”
ZPM is for the ten people, the ten non Jews, the mainstream body if Christ, who want, and need, to learn more about the Jewish nature of salvation, and that God is still with them.
This isn’t just an academic or a bible debate to keep a flock or make a flock, or any sort of religious quibbling, or a neo Judaizing. It’s a mission to avoid superficial, potentially apostate, and unhealthy explanations of the salvation message. It bears stating the obvious- this message is not some religious philosophy, but basic and essential biblical revelation that is capable of being understood by the entire body of Christ. How can we mainstream Christians profess to know so much about scriptures, and then explain away all the unfinished promises to Israel and Jesus’ people?
3. Following Yeshua ha Mashiach, Jesus Christ-Messiah of Israel, more closely- while still maintaining our freedom and joy.

Christ gave us (through faith) the Spirit to fulfill the new covenant of Ezekiel 36,25ff. whereby God’s active demand to live according to his ways are possible. Verse 27 “I shall put my spirit in you, and make you keep my laws, and respect and practice my judgments.”
This is cause for rejoicing. We can thus bear good fruit (Mt. 3,10). We can be taught all things by the Holy Spirit. In this Zion pursuit, we overcome the world.
This is not put ourselves under any external law, or worse yet, any man centered church laws. It is living the new law of grace, “the law of Christ” within us (Galatians 6,2). Christ is our example. He showed us how to follow the Father very closely- to pray about everything, to discern every situation, to meet every challenge.

Hebrews 8,10: “This is the covenant I will make with the House of Israel, when those days have come, the Lord declares: In their minds I shall plant my laws writing them on their hearts. Then I shall be their God, and they shall be my people.”
Yes this is a challenge for the House of Israel and all who have faith. We have sinned and will sin, but with his laws written on our circumcised hearts we can fully be God’s people, who do our faith. This living our faith needs to be taught in a time when the “Lord, Lord” may not be enough.
In others words, ZPM is for those among the mainstream body who want to come up a little higher, not out of their present congregation, but more aware of who they are and where their salvation came from. We all can do this because we have great confidence in the living God of Israel, whose Holy Spirit lives in us, empowering us to seek and follow God in all circumstances.
This would be the highest freedom, away from a man centered, truncated gospel that robs God’s people of their new found freedom and the fullness of revelation by slavery to religious systems, and toward Zion and a final harvest birth of God's people (Rev. 12).
4. About the present new things of faith (some of which are old) and the last and future things of faith.
Imagine if you and I went to our favorite restaurant with our favorite people after Sunday services, and everybody always ate their old stand bye favorites, say chicken fried steak, which was good and filled us up.

But then that restaurant began to serve even better dishes alongside the chicken fried steak. Now before we would eat this “new” food, we would want the waitress and the chef and the newspaper and the internet and Emeril and Martha to tell us why it was better for us.
And it might take a long time before we would even try that present new food, and some more time to get used to it, and realize it truly was better for us. No sense jumping into every fad, or new fangled thing. Hey that last bit sounds scriptural.
Why it might take us seventy years to take note that there’s been too much superficiality, dare I say gentilization, in the mainstream church. How did we get so far from “salvation comes from the Jews?”
It might take seventy years to realize the importance of Jewish festivals, of Israel’s re-gathering, of Revelation prophecies about Jewish witnesses to the Jewish people, and reigning and ruling from Jerusalem forever alongside our Jewish brothers.
It might take us seventy years (same as it took Israel to come out of Babylon) to realize some of what Jesus meant when he said to the Samaritan women “we worship what we do know; for salvation is from the Jews.” But wouldn’t this be time well spent because we now have the Spirit and the truth and the ability to live and faith as God wants?
Now we put things into our own stomach on our own timetable, but we should digest the word, every word of it, on God's timetable.
I think God’s timetable for some of these present and future prophecies such as the restoration of Israel, the winnowing of the mainstream body of Christ, the final battle against Israel, God’s final judgments upon sin and sinners, a millenial reign, and the upcoming descent of heavenly Jerusalem is now speeding up.
However, seventy years to understand it and come out of Babylon may be too long, since that seventy years probably started in 1948 when Israel was refunded as a nation, and when our understanding has only begun to speed up around the year 2000.
But worry is useless. Scripture tells only the Father knows the day and the hour. We are well aware that the history of Christianity is littered with prophets who predicted the day and the hour.
But we do remember Noah. Nobody in Noah’s day thought preparing for the flood was a worthy matter, except Noah, and his patient preparation turned out to be a blessing and a lesson.
We do know, however, that when we talk about our Jewish biblical roots, and the future Jewish faith, and their “new” food becoming part of our faith diet, we are at least honoring God’s word and timetable. So, it’s safe to say it serves us to get up to speed on these matters.
I don’t know about you, but I’m trusting that the future and last things are very important to God, and as a follower of Jesus, the messiah of Israel, I want to know, by faith, as much as possible about these matters, whether I’m Jewish or not. I want to digest enough of this present “new” food that I have enough sense to know for myself what is holy and what is profane, what’s real prophecy and what’s biblical restoration revelation, and what’s the same old "once saved always saved- I've got my token to heaven" fare (Romans 11,21).
Therefore, ZPM wants to inspire the mainstream body of Christ. It’s for people who don’t think it should take us 70 years to understand the basics of what God is doing with and for Israel, and with and for us, who are ready to come out of Babylon and worldly mainstream religion and get rooted again in a Zion based faith.

Part of this interest in the root among the branches is an amazing love for Israel after we, the branches, realize that God still loves the root (Romans 11,12), and that political Zionism saved them in 1948 and Jesus Zionism will save them in the end. Yes we at ZPM love Israel and we love Zion. We will love them and stand by them as God gives them a second shot at salvation.
We love Zion because it is the birthplace of our strongest faith, not a brand named Pentecostal faith, but a Pentecost faith. Unless we are born there, the same place as the first Pentecost, we may not be ready to accept and understand the unbreakable connection between mainstream Christianity, physical Israel, and the final, saved body of Christ which will include faithful Jews and a myriad of faithful gentiles. 
For by faith in Christ’s we were ingrafted into the one olive tree (Romans 11,17, another symbol of Israel). Thus, we should all be ready to be born there, into great strength, and ready to actually go home to Zion, our final home as well as that of the remnant of faithful Israel.
 Psalm 87,5-6 “But of Zion it will be said, ‘Everyone was born there,’ her guarantee is the Most High. Yahweh in the register of his peoples will note against each, “Born there’, princes [non Jews] no less than native born; all make their home in you.”
This faith birth in Zion is the final feast of Weeks Shu ‘vot, or Pentecost, the celebration of the end of God’s earthly harvest when all who have faith, Jew and Gentile, will bring the best of ourselves, as living offerings, as first fruits (cf Romans 11,16), to Zion and we will receive our final infilling of the Spirit, the one with which we reign and rule with Christ with.
Yes the messianic movement of Yeshua was born at Pentecost in Jerusalem, and it will culminate with a final Pentecost, a final birth when the truth and the Spirit will be fully realized in all believers, to the Jew first and then to the gentile.
ZPM seeks this final Zion Pentecost, and prepares for it, yes the day when Christ comes not just to judge the world, but to reap us, you and me, who have the faith strength of Zion and therefore have finished the race of faith well, avoided apostasy and the false church.
I was connected to physical Israel when I was first baptized in the Spirit. It was then I became a “Zionist”, just as all believers will literally be Zionists when Jesus descends upon Jerusalem and measures who is within “the wall of fire,” within the Glory of God, who will receives the final blessings of the final Pentecost. See Zechariah 2,9,or 5!
Those within the wall of fire- will be the final harvest, will receive an eternal measure of God’s life and strength, another measure of power, another Pentecost baptism, a third baptism within the salvation fire so to speak, and thereby partake of eternity reigning with the messiah of Israel from Zion!
It will also be another birth, into the final body of Christ, a woman clothed with the sun, Israel, our faith home and final home (Rev12,1ff).
ZPM is for those who by faith in Jesus, messiah of Israel, have made their present faith home in Zion, who seek and their second baptism, and their eternal Pentecost.
It is for those who want the strength to follow Jesus more closely in this present age and then experience the final Pentecost, and then reign and rule with Him forever from there when the Lord appears with “all the Holy ones with him.” (Zechariah 14,5)
May 2008